60 Day Juice Feast – Day 2

by Courtney on October 18, 2007

Today’s Feast, in the order of consumption:

16 oz. TOL cafe green juice (base celery & cuke) w/ cayenne
32. oz. Red Leaf Lettuce/apple/celery juice w/ 1.5 TBS Nature’s First Food
16 oz. TOL cafe green juice (base celery & cuke) w/ cayenne
1 TBS Bee Pollen

2 TBS E3 Live
32 oz. Orange Juice w/ 1/2 TBS Pure Synergy and 1 TBS Hemp Oil
Day two went extremely well also! A few lessons learned today. First off, that I need to make more juice earlier on. Unless I do that, I end up only having about 1/2 gallon down and it’s already after 5pm. As you can see, I still didn’t make the 1 gallon. Also, to make green juice first! My last juice of the day was the orange juice, and as you can see, a whopping 32 oz. strait of it. That’s a little much for me. I’m not used to eating fruit! I eat a very low glycemic diet normally and only have maybe a total of a few pieces of fruit per week. However, I made the orange juice rather than something else because it is really easy and quick – it blends easily and quickly and is a short process to strain through a nut mylk bag.
I met with the amazing David and Katrina Rainoshek tonight for my initial juice feasting consult! Woohoo! Spectacular people to work with!

We determined that my ideal weight is probably around 35 lbs below where I am now. It will be interesting to see where my body settles at in regards to weight.

Time for Day 3!!

P.S. I hope you like the spectacular nature pics I’m putting on these logs each day…

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