60 Day Juice Feast – Day 6

by Courtney on October 22, 2007

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:

32 oz. coconut water/apple juice
16 oz. green juice w/ cayenne
32 oz. apple juice/coconut water
32 oz. green juice w/ cayenne & turmeric
12 oz. coconut water
16 oz. green juice w/ cayenne & turmeric & 1 TBS Pure Synergy

1 TBS Bee Pollen
2 TBS E3 Live
12 oz orange juice w/ 1 TBS hemp oil
Been a little bit of a sugary one, today has, if I do say so myself. It’s still a little wierd for me to be eating this much fruit. However, somehow it seems to be balanced enough by all the green juice, green powders, and algae etc. I don’t seem to be having too strong of cravings for food – what a blessing! The one thing I think I probably think about the most though is spirulina salad – super simple, like greens, spirulina and hemp oil. Funny how I’ve only been on juice for a week and already complicated raw food dishes seem strange to me.
I have to commend myself, as I think we all should do more often – that I’m able to be around food without being tempted by it. In my case especially, this is a huge accomplishment for me. As I’ve outlined, food issues have been central in my life for several years now. I went through so many times after I’d learned about fasting where I’d overeat on less than optimal food, freak out and then swear I was going to fast for a week, and of course deep down know that I wouldn’t be able to do it, so I’d do it for a day or so and then panic and go overeat on something else. I couldn’t be around any food without giving in to it. I have to say I am so proud of myself that I can sit every day with my friends at the Tree of Life Cafe while they eat some of the best gourmet raw food in the world – raw pizzas, pastas, nut mylks, pates, soups, anything you can think of – and I’m sipping some cucumber and celery juice. I can go into the cafe with this huge spread of incredible food and not decide to break my decision in a knee-jerk impulsive compulsion for food. And it’s not even a matter of resisting. I just don’t need it and I’m at peace with my decision and commitment to this juice feast.

It’s definitely been a process to get to that place. I have found that we will never be able to fool the process by pushing it faster than it will naturally unfold. I can’t tell you how many ups and downs with food I had, how many times I had to fall flat on my face. So many – many more, I hope, than you do. But if you do, remember that compassion and patience are the greatest catalysts, and that so much more importantly than food is your willingness to love your process and allow yourself to be wherever you are at. To do this actually takes more courage than anything – anyone can berate themselves, beat themselves up by believing they should be further along than they are, more convicted, more dedicated, and see themselves as weak. But to remove judgement and control from our process, to love ourselves unconditionally and view every occurrence in our lives as perfect in its unfolding, to surrender to the Process, act and think always from compassion, and to not take ourselves so seriously – THAT is the noble and heroic path.

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The Mayor October 22, 2007 at 8:41 pm

Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration!!


Blair Boudousquie October 23, 2007 at 10:17 am

Wow, thanks for the inspiration Courtney. I must say it is probably more challenging being at the Tree than out in the real world. All that yummy high vibe food just begging to be eaten. Me, I’m out here in LA and when the I walk by a restaurant and smell carcass and rancid fat I honestly don’t even think of it as food. It’s like the only food is the clover and dandelion growing on the sidewalk, and yes, I crave it in a spirulina salad too!


Anthony October 23, 2007 at 1:38 pm

Your writing is really strong! Its a pleasure to read about your journey, and thanks for being so transparent about fighting the food addictions. I simply cant believe it when people say that they made the transition so quickly and easily. Its REALLY tough sometimes.

Thanks for putting up the link too! One thing though, the address is a bit off. I had to do rawmodelcom.blogspot instead of rawmodel.blogspot because someone took it and is totally wasting it at the moment. Youre gonna be a raw food superstar! Wait! You already are!




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