60 Day Juice Feast – Day 8

by Courtney on October 24, 2007

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:

1 TBS bee pollen
16 oz. green juice w/ cayenne and turmeric
30 oz. apple/red bell pepper juice
32 oz. green juice w/ cayenne
12 oz. coconut water
Bit of coconut meat (oops)

8 oz. fermented probiotic coconut water
8 oz. water w/ 1 TBS Pure Synergy
2 TBS E3 Live

16 oz. grape juice w/ 1/2 TBS hemp oil

Alriiiiiiight!! One week down! I can hardly believe it, it’s gone so fast. I can’t believe I’ve already been on only juice for a week. Never before has going without food been so easy. I’ve done water fasts and juice fasts and the master cleanse, and for me they were just not that fun. But this is SO fun! The feeling of freedom and abundance that comes with the fact that juice feasters can play around with juice so much, have so much variety, is incredible. I mean, I get to drink grape juice and coconut water, along with glorious green juices… it’s the most fun and exciting way to cleanse like this – what a gift! In addition, the fact that so many superfoods are incorporated (green powders, algaes, bee pollen, hemp oil, etc), makes it really nutritionally satisfying.
My skin is smoother and people have been telling my my face looks slimmer from the 7 lbs I’ve dropped in the past week.
I had some fermented probiotic coconut water today… mm… David Rainoshek gave me the ok on that! Basically all you have to do is get some coconut water and seal it in some sort of airtight container (we use a large glass container with a secure lid) and leave it for about 48 hours. Along with that, you’ll need a kefir starter kit – we get them from The Body Ecology Diet product line. You’ll start to taste the fermentation after the first 28 hours, although it will get stronger as the days go on. Then, all you have to do is stir it a bit before you drink it and woohoo! You want to keep some of the original water in there for a while though – so just fill it back up to the top when it gets about half full. After a few rounds of that, you’ll want to finish it all up and start a new batch, wash the container, etc.

I’ve felt amazing this week – I’m sleeping well, and a little less, I have a lot of energy, increased clarity, and I’ve lost 7 lbs in the last 7 days. My skin is becoming more even and vibrant.

I imagine the whole 92 days will go super fast – Angela Stokes, in her last days of feasting, stated that it went really quick for her as well. Speaking of Angela, I would love to write a little statement of gratitude to her here:

It was Angela’s blog that most inspired me to juice feast. I had just met David Rainoshek when Angela started her 92 day feast, so having both those wonderful resources all the time definitely planted the seed for the feast I am now doing. Angela’s blog was a treat I looked forward to every single day, and I was so astounded by her transformation during those 92 days. I think she is an incredible example of the power of the raw food diet, natural living, and juice feasting. But more importantly than that, for me anyways, is that she’s an authentic human being with a genuine passion for inspiring others to health and well being. I feel so much compassion and familiarity when I read about her past and process – although she experienced morbid obesity and I experienced anorexia and being overweight, in both cases our lives were all about food. It takes tremendous courage to overcome the root emotional and spiritual implications that she has and I have so much admiration for her!

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