60 Day Juice Feast – Day 33

by Courtney on November 19, 2007

Yesterday was another crazy day – so much has happened this weekend it’s mind blowing. I have transformed more in this last weekend than I ever would have thought possible. It seems like it was ages ago that it was Friday.I had a big blow of some news that came of my family yesterday and it was super intense. I had a little more nibbles on some different food items, so that plus this news gave way to an even deeper trigger and thus healing than the day before. It’s been an amazing weekend of healing in soo many areas, it’s unbelievable. The biggest lesson, I think, was letting go of the egoistic ideal of having my first juice feast be a perfect juice one and giving up beating myself up for making mistakes. I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm for this feast. Once again, it is no longer about trying to get to a certain number of days but enjoying every day of it for the gift that it is. It’s so important to remember that any healing we do with diet, cleansing, as well as the emotional and spiritual healing which is counterpart to it, should always be experienced with an attitude of gratitude – and if we canface the ‘mistakes’ with gratitude as well, then we’re really gaining a lot from the experience. For one, if all I gain from this juice feast was the healing that I went through this weekend, then I have been a huge success. The amazing thing is this: as soon as I have removed the pressure of having my first Juice Feast to be a perfect 92 day one with no mistakes whatsoever, I feel that much more at ease with my ability to HAVE an ideal juice feast. Because I chose not to identify with a few bites of some food items and was able to let that go, I feel more comfortable and excited about the juice feast than I have the entire time thus far.Yesterday I did a lot more juices with greens and less fruit, and that felt really good. This week I’m going to get a bulk order of parsley, mmm…. Yesterday morning I also tested my fasting blood sugar level. This is something one should really do before they start juice feasting, but it’s still a good idea anytime. Yesterday it was pretty high, actually – 104, whereas the ideal level is in the 80’s. It freaked me out a little bit, but I had had a big glass of fruit juice the night before, so that could have contributed. I’ll be doing the same test every morning for 10 days in a row. For juice feasting, we recommend doing this test every morning for 10 days to see where the average is. You can get these tests easily for about $25 at any Walgreens.

I also had some water mixed with the new product from HealthForce Nutritionals, called Earth. It’s an amazing powder made of amazing ingredients such as purslane, kelp, slippery elm bark, nettle root, dandelion root, chia seeds, miso, and much more. I get a wonderfully grounding and centering feeling from it when I use it, and it has a great taste that almost reminds me of some sort of soup broth. I just mix a small amount with water and thats all I need. If one was eating, though, I imagine it would make a great addition to a lot of recipes!I went on an INCREDIBLE hike this afternoon/evening with some friends (see pics above and below, and also the lizard friend I found outside our house). We went up Red Mountain here in Patagonia right before sunset. Red Mountain is one of the highest peaks around here – you could see so far, one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen of the rolling hills and mountains of Southern Arizona. We could see into Mexico, even. Watched the sun set on the top of the mountain, what a wonderful end to a crazy but wonderful weekend. It’s funny when you go out into nature, somewhere remote and you realize how insignificant are all these things that we think are a big deal. Nature just seems to say, “Relax, all is well, you are loved and perfect. Everything has always been fine, is fine, and will always be fine.”

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naseem November 19, 2007 at 9:12 am

Hi! this is my first time reading ur blog! I saw ur comment u left on Raw Model Anthony’s site and you are writing a book on living foods for college students!!!! AH. im 18, freshmen in college, been vegan for 9 yrs, and sooooo interested in the rawesome lifestyle. i just feel like i cant because i dont have enough money or resources to do it. so i cant wait for your ebook! also, i totally managed to gain the freshmen *10* (in my case) from eating the “vegan” food in the cafeteria (which i later found out was cooked in LARD!), so i so want to get back to my healthy self, or even better, a healthier raw food self! im excited. you are wonderful. keep on goin with your juice feast, im gonna try to do one at christmas when im home :)


Courtney Pool November 19, 2007 at 9:18 am


Welcome! Yes, I am aiming for its release within the next six months. In addition to info and tips on the raw food lifestyle, it will include a section on how to Juice Feast as a college student.

I’m not surprised about the cafe food: that’s one of the toughest parts of it! Most colleges have the salad bar: take advantage of that. You can always add in extra yummies to the simple salads they might have – such as avocados, nuts, or something like gogi berries. The ebook will have a whole section on how to deal with this issue.

Kudos to you for being interested in the juice feast. It is an amazing opportunity for physical transformation, and an opportunity for life transformation too, if that’s what you’re interested in.

I appreciate your comment!


Michelle J November 19, 2007 at 10:06 am

Hi Courtney, first time reader here too!! I love your blog, it is so inspiring to me!! I am thinking about joining the global juice feast or is it fast, in March with lots of people and support. It seems like something i definitely can do and really want to. Question: what does bee pollen do for you and where can i get it? Right now i am using vitamineral green 2X a day with water. Plus i green juice every morning. Love that so much. So, thanks for your blog, its awesome!!


Anonymous November 19, 2007 at 11:38 am

your last two posts resonated with me so much. I have a background of emotional overeating and even though it is sooo much better since finding the raw food lifestyle, i know i still have some old issues there to release. i have a feeling that when my juice feasting time comes, a loooot of stuff is going to come up for me. thank you for being so open about your experience. it sounds like youre so much stronger already for it :)

oh, and the last few lines of this post are gorgeous. how very true!



raw by default November 19, 2007 at 2:16 pm

You have such a healthy attitude toward the emotional healing releases you’re getting. How do you not let them totally take over your life?


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