Day 57 Juice Feast

by Courtney on December 12, 2007

Yes, folks, upcoming is the EPIC Global Juice Feast 2008!! I’m announcing this to my readers now so you can all start thinking about whether you might be interested in joining us! People from all around the world, including David and Katrina Rainoshek (who will be doing 92 Days) are going to be juicing it up together and transforming their health, lives, and the world! It will start in March of 2008, right about springtime, which an AWESOME time to be cleaning house, and a time for new beginnings and new life. This could be your chance to really take action to that health, body, life and world you’ve dreamed of, and the support and fellowship of other feasters during this event will be precious. I won’t be doing another long juice feast then, but I WILL be joining in on at least the first week and the last week of the Global Juice Feast. You may want to join David and Katrina and other feasters on a full 92 Day Feast, but if you just want to scope it out, feel free to join for part of it, and I’d love for anyone who wants to do something shorter to join me on my shorter feast. It is going to be amazing!

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:

1 tsp each of agaricus, reishi, coriolus and cordyceps in 1 cup water
20 oz. green juice w/ ginger and lemon
3 TBS bee pollen
12 oz. green juice w/ ginger and lemon
36 oz. orange juice w/ 1/4 TBS MSM
16 oz. coconut water
40 oz. honeydew/persimmon/apple/orange juice

I just wanted to give everyone a little reminder as far as the KINDS of juices you need to do on the Juice Feast. TWO pounds of leafy greens and ONE head of celery need to be juiced every day if you can. I’ve seen people who have attempted juice feasts and not done these two very important things, and they just don’t seem to last, or they get very imbalanced. I have always gotten all the celery in per day and usually get the greens in as well – it makes the HUGEST difference in every aspect when I do – hunger, feeling balanced and satisfied physically and being centered emotionally. Keep in mind that if someone is diabetic, they need to do a purely green juice feast – zero fruit juices whatsoever. One of the reasons we suggest taking the fasting blood sugar before starting your feast is to give insight into how much fruit juice is appropriate for you. Someone with no blood sugar problem (I don’t have a blood sugar problem)can do more fruit juice. Maximize on that chlorophyll-y goodness.

Lastly, the Rainoshek’s are offering a chance for someone to win a free 30 day membership to the Juice Feasting membership website! Your recipe just might make it on the eternal Juice of the Day feature on the Juice Feasting website! Please make a creative name for your juice, maybe a story about the juice (how you came up with it, or where you were when you first had it, why it is your favorite juice, etc.). Just email your recipes to with “Juice” in the subject line. Winners will be announced on David and Katrina Rainoshek’s Juice Feasting Blog on Friday, December 14th.

A question from a reader:

i just got some spirulina for the first time… what’s a good amount to start with in your opinion? 1 tsp per day???
LOVE love love your blog!

I’m so glad you do :) You can start with as little as you need to – 1 tsp is fine. If you don’t mind the taste, do as much as you want. I do about 2 TBS of green powder every day. 1-2 TBS per day is a good dosage if you can handle the taste of it.

Love you all!

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Neeta Bali December 13, 2007 at 12:11 pm

Courtney, It takes one to recognize another….
You write beautifully too, hey, maybe we should do a book together? ;-)
Much Love,


~~ Melissa December 13, 2007 at 2:50 pm

Hi Courtney, I have questions:
1. I’m wondering about the difference between juice feasting and eating raw in terms of greens. If two pounds of leafy greens and one head of celery need to be juiced every day for a balanced feast, how much is needed when eating raw? Or is it the same? Is that volume of juiced greens filling in for nutrients that I’d normally only get when eating raw and if so, what raw foods are they? I’m wondering because I was thinking I’d get maximum nutrients by juicing because I can drink much more greens than I can eat so perhaps I need the same volume either way? Hope this makes sense. As you can see, I’m new and a bit muddled still…
2. Do you combine your bee pollen with any of your juices or just take it on its own? I ask because I tried some yesterday and was a little startled by the taste….
Thanks again for your help and inspiration.
my raw journal


Jessica December 13, 2007 at 4:58 pm

How the hay do you you squeeze 2lbs of greens and a head of celery into 1 quart/4 cups of juice??

My 1 lb. of greens and 3/4 head of celery made almost 3 quarts!

Do I just put too much water in with my greens?

Thanks for answering my question again :o)


Michelle J December 13, 2007 at 9:36 pm

Hey Courtney…quick questions..Do you take Vitamineral green? I do and like it a lot, but i remember you mentioning the product Earth as well. Are these 2 meant to be taken together? I mean, not at the same time but in the same day? Also, do you know anything about Oxy-Mag? Love ya Courtney!!


Emma December 14, 2007 at 4:38 am

Hi Courtney
Another question for you. What do you think about the birth control pill? I am interested in doing the Global Juice Feast and am thinking of getting off the pill around that time. Taking the pill is just starting to feel unnatural and almost going against the detoxifying and purifying that raw food and juice feasting brings up towards. Are you on the pill and what are you thoughts?


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