Consciously Conversing

by Courtney on January 22, 2008

Yesterday was another lovely Sunday, a few of us went on a little walk and consciously conversed (not just ‘talking’ going on here, folks!) for a bit on some big slabs of rock in the middle of nowhere, throwing rocks for three dogs who just couldn’t be more excited to fetch them.

We were gifted by a friend a wild, in the husk coconut – the first time I’d ever had one. I’ve had thai coconuts, even organic thai coconuts, and they are all SO much sweeter than this coconut, which was from Mexico.
I’d heard that some coconuts are truly unnaturally sweet. I am used to these super sweet coconuts, and so when I’d hear people talk about living on coconut water, or at least having it as a staple for sustenance, I just couldn’t really imagine.I’d be so wigged out all the time from that much sugar.
Ahh, but now I understand – the coconuts they’re talking about are much, much milder and much less sweet, but super tasty.Tonight we had another ‘Tree party‘, (this time perhaps 50 of us or so) gathering with music and lots of raw desserts. ‘Twas the birthday of one of our community members and great fun – they made some spectacular raw fluffy cakes and other amazing things.I definitely feel privileged to be able to experience amazing get-togethers like this that consist of conscious conversations, really authentic human interaction, and healthful substances. I know that not everyone finds these environments so easily.

I am so, so sore!
I love it :)
My legs are so sore from lunges with weights yesterday that I could almost not sit myself down in a chair today… but it feels so amazing to feel my body changing. We really can sculpt these bodies, no doubt.
I have these ‘angel card’ decks from Doreen Virtue, that I like to draw from sometimes. I don’t take them too seriously, but usually they are eerily right on as far as what I need to hear.
So, I’ll usually just draw one every few days and take whatever that angel card says as what I need to hear at that time.
This deck has 40 something cards in it, and its interesting because in the year I’ve had it, most of the time, I draw the same cards. Most of the cards I’ve never drawn, or maybe once. The one I draw more than any other, easily a third of the time I draw cards I draw this one -‘Playfulness
I usually think of myself as a pretty lighthearted person, but it seems like the angels might be saying I need to laugh even more… ;)
So, sure, why not!? More laughs, more jokes, more smiles more lightheartedness, more free flowing allowing of my goofiness

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mimi January 26, 2008 at 5:43 am

i LOVE your blog! i’m going raw and i love doreen virtue. i think about many of the same things you do. i’ll be sure to check often. blessed be!


TheOceanCalm January 29, 2008 at 1:46 am

That is the GREATEST pic EVER! I too am on a love affair with Liquid Zeolites, been an addicted user for about 6 months now :D.


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