Exciting Things Are to Come, Don’t You Agree?

by Courtney on January 3, 2008

Ello ello, dear readers! I do trust that you’re having a first few days of 2008 that are naught but spectacular!

The picture above was taken right before we ate our Thanksgiving Feast, I think its wonderful so I thought I’d share. I’m actually in the picture, but I won’t try to tell you where I am.

I got a lovely chance to see the first copy of Gabriel’s NEW BOOK!!

This one is going to rock the world. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called


Oooooooooh yeah there is. Is it empowering or WHAT to know that there is almost no physical conditions that cannot be healed if we just know the right information. How powerful is that? I remember being a kid and having so much fear at this idea that cancer just crept up on random people, killing them and ruining families. I was petrified. The term ‘cancer’ to me now is no more severe than the term ‘fever’. How incredible… I never cease to be grateful for this amazing and empowering knowledge.

On the subject of reversing Diabetes, I want to share another video of a guest Nicola (super sweet girl) here at the Tree of Life who recently attended our Reversing Diabetes Naturally video:


So last night Thim and I, with jolly dispositions, opened probably almost a hundred of the organic young thai coconuts to make a huge amount of coconut kefir – YUM… We had huge bowls of the coconut meat which we’ve been using to make some delightful coconut pudding (we’ve found a way to make an incredible Phase 1 version).

I’ve recently been drawn back into meditating. We offer group meditations each evening (usually 45 – 75 minutes) along with spiritual satsang with Gabriel, kirtan chanting and fire ceremonies, depending on the day of the week. I usually try to go several times per week, but I had gone through a couple month phase where I really wasn’t attending at all. It was fine, I just wasn’t drawn to it.

However, a few weeks ago I began to get drawn to it again, and so the last few weeks I’ve been attending about 4 nights per week. It is really profound. I’m in a totally new place with my meditations at this point in my life – they are incredibly deep and insightful. I literally almost crave them now, just as you’d crave any food. I’m drawn to meditating. There’s also something to be said for meditating in a group, and in the presence of someone with as profound a vibration as Gabriel.

I’ve been meditating for almost a year and a half now, originally via learning Transcendental Meditation, and am starting to view it more and more as an absolutely essential life practice – there isn’t anything else we do that we completely shut off the sensory stimuli and thought stimuli to really experience the nothingness…

In meditative bliss,


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suki January 5, 2008 at 1:55 am

what a lovely video & a beautiful soul.. wish i could come to temple x


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