Iron Pumping & Cosmic Expansion

by Courtney on January 30, 2008

Wow, so only a little over a month until the…

Are you ready!? Are you READY!?!? I’m ready. Planning to do at least one week, likely longer, and I am oh so excited.
This being the end of January, it means I’ve also just about completed a month of regular exercise, woohoo!
So, I have been exercising about an hour 4x per week, a combo of rebounding, weights, floor exercise, aerobics, and some stuff with an exercise ball. Additionally, I run ‘up the hill’ to the cafe – a steep, uphill mesa trail, a few times per week.
I can definitely notice a difference in my body. I don’t know if my weight has changed at all, but I can definitely notice more definition, particularly in my arms, hips and butt.
I’ve observed something even more interesting, now that I’ve been taking Activated Liquid Zeolite for almost two weeks – I can exercise harder and longer and I recover more quickly.
Actually, my workout tonight particularly surprised me – I worked out more intensely and with heavier weights, and they all of a sudden seemed ridiculously light to me – the same weights that only three or four weeks ago really gave me a challenge.
Further, I barely noticed that over an hour had gone by of exercising like this. I felt like I could go longer. Make no mistake, it was definitely an awesome workout – I was sweating and had a great heart rate going, but I just felt so strong.
I’ve been noticing the importance people seem to place on the ‘percentage’ raw…
But, that being said, I am pretty much 100% raw, and have been for over a year.
But seriously people, it’s not about the food. I’ve come to understand that if we’re focusing on this little tiny facet we call food, simply the solid matter we’re putting in our bodies, obsessing about how long we’ve been doing it and who is 100% and who isn’t and who’s ‘cheated’, and this is the center of our lives, I think we are really, really missing the point, and missing out on the big picture.

It seems to me like sort of wearing horse blinders.

Eating live food, or simply eating better is one of the many supports we choose for ourselves, but it is most certainly not the end all and it is not the cure all.
What is wonderful about live foods is that it is in many ways the beginning of the revolution – getting people to eat this way and before you know it their entire lives have transformed – but again, that is just the very, very beginning.
It wasn’t the food that did anything, but rather it just supported YOU in healing YOU.
I’ve observed that, maybe on some level some of us realize that once we ‘get there‘, wherever ‘there’ is for us – maybe its mostly raw, or all raw, or 100% wild foodist, or maybe just trying to go vegetarian – we’ll eventually have to deal with whatever has been waiting for us to get over distracting ourselves with food.

You ask, “Now what?”

And so some of us just never get ‘there’. We keep sabotaging ourselves (binging on the cooked food, not working out, eating way too much fat) because we know there will be a silent space when we’ve got nowhere left to go because we’ve finally gotten ‘there’.
It’s funny actually, because I chased the ideal diet for so long, trying to stop eating cooked food, or stop eating so many nuts, or stop eating a million dates, or try to eat more greens, or make myself choke down the green powders, or eat less raw chocolate, there’s always something
This ongoing push to really get to a great place with diet, and now that I’m almost there – I’m totally raw, eating little fat, low sugar, lots of greens, mineral rich, eating less overall, etc etc., and in addition exercising and getting nearer my ideal weight… I don’t have too many more modifications to go before I feel like I’ve found the perfect balance… and…
I’ve realized I’ve just begun.
Congratulations, I know how to feed myself, now on to asking bigger questions, thinking about bigger things…

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tash January 30, 2008 at 11:24 pm

Dearest Courtney,

You are such a doll. Thank you for your compassion. Today’s post wholeheartedly resonated with me. It was so beautiful, and so right on. Really, though, they all are. Remain in joy.

Only Love,


rawmaya January 31, 2008 at 2:46 am have said it all for me .I’ve couldn’t said it better.Wise and eloquent,thank you

Wish you the best,


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