Numerical Synchronicity & Diet Individualization

by Courtney on January 25, 2008

Ahhh, I love sitting down to blog. I really do enjoy it, and I’m just so grateful for this mechanism of sharing. I also love reading other blogs when I get the chance – people are so generous with their time and information and inspiration, I just love it!
My friend Frank takes the best pictures (including the one above, taken on the mesa trail at the Tree) and I’ve been cabbaging them lately because I can’t find my camera adapter to upload my own pics… thanks Frank… feel free to pelt me with some of your spectacular coconut macaroons if it bothers you…
It’s getting a bit warmer here in Patagonia, it’s the time of year for tanning here..
It’s funny because truly, the times I get tannest are February/March and around October. This is because the winter is still too cold to do it, and summer is way too hot (summer is when I’m the whitest), and fall is rather rainy.
Of course, as you know, the spirulina has done the tanning job for me!
Some of you have asked how much spirulina I eat… well, when I first was doing it, I was probably eating upwards of 10 TBS per day, now I do less, maybe around 4 or 5.
A very important detail, however:
Spirulina is very high in protein (about 60% – chlorella is even more – about 70%), and not all metabolisms can handle that much protein.
Without going super in depth here, we all operate a bit differently. Depending on whether we are a fast oxidizer, a slow oxidizer, a parasympatheic or a sympathetic type, this all determines our individualized diet.
I actually don’t know what I am – I’ll be taking the test at the Tree to determine that soon, because it really is important – for example, if I’m a slow oxidizer, I shouldn’t be doing as much spirulina as I am – that much protein will actually make my system acid.
However, fast oxidizers, for example, need protein – it actually makes their bodies alkaline – some fast oxidizers need as much as 50% 0r 60% protein with each meal. In their case, they can have as much protein as they want.
It really is important to find out some specifics about our bodies so that we can individualize our diet – just because we’re eating raw doesn’t mean everything thats raw is beneficial for us. Information is power.
So, if I find out that I am a body type that doesn’t need as much protein, I’ll be dissapointed because I’ll have to release my love affair with spirulina, but it’s far more important to know what benefits my body the most.
I just want to put a little friendly advice out there to juice feasters: I’ve seen many juice feasting blogs where people are documenting their intake, and it’s mostly fruit juice, and some even only fruit juice.
David Rain has been very clear about the vital importance of getting 2 lbs of leafy greens and 1 head of celery in via juice every single day. You’re not doing your body a much of a favor by depriving it of the balancing greens and celery and making it process so much sugar every.
The detoxification and cleansing happens primarily with the power of greens – please, please, please make them your priority!
I have been having totally crazy experiences with seeing certain repeating numbers everywhere – particularly repeating 1’s.
Every day for the last week, I’ve seen 11:11 on the clock. I often see 1:11, 11:01, 10:11, and such numbers. I quoted someone for a program costing $1111 this week. I usually some sort of arrangement like this two or three times per day.
Yesterday was totally crazy – I saw on the clock not only 11:11, but 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, and 4:44. Now, don’t think that I look at the clock all the time, because I don’t. Right after I saw 4:44 pm yesterday, I logged into my email account and noticed the total number of messages in my inbox (not all new, of course), was 1,111….
Then… I just logged into write this post, and saw that this blog has, prior to this post, 111 posts… and I just glanced at the clock and it’s 11:11pm…

Rather imagination inspiring

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Heidi and Justin January 27, 2008 at 6:51 pm

Beautiful post, Courtney!!!

I totally agree with everything you said, especially regarding those on juice feasts.

And as for the numbers…I always take it to be a sign of a beautiful flowing of life. When it happens continually, I usually feel that life is moving just perfectly for me.

Know what I mean?

~ Heidi


Raw Bliss January 27, 2008 at 9:41 pm

I love your blog, Courtney. I always learn something new, everytime you post!

When I had wanted to try juice feasting and I went to the grocery store, bought what I thought was enough greens, they surely weren’t. It takes a lot to make sure you are getting in what you need. I’ve decided not to go ahead with the feast at this point in my life, but to try and get a green smoothie in everyday(which hasn’t been happening yet, unfortunately).

Thank you! (& my dad totally has the number thing going on. It rarely ever happens to me, but when it does, it happens continuosly over a day!)



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