Getting Back in Touch

by Courtney on February 24, 2008

Well what a very nice weekend it has been :)
Yesterday I visited many of my female friends – I was feeling like the most balancing and loving thing I could do for myself, as I had these last three days for myself, was to get back into more feminine energy – both within myself, and surrounding myself.
I realized that I don’t even remember the last time I was in a home by myself for a few days. I think it’s been at least a good year and a half, I’ve always lived with other people.
I’d been feeling for a little while that I wanted to get the balance back of creativity, flow, and relaxation with no particular agenda or direction in mind for my day.
So much of my time is the other way around – taking action, being proactive and productive, planning, organizing, directing people and myself, sort of in that life mission mode. So, I was really looking forward to having an inward weekend, a quiet weekend with less making things happen and being productive and more relaxation and creativity, as well as allowing whatever I did this weekend to come in spontaneously inspired and joyful way.
And so, I most certainly did. I made few plans and enjoyed the company of relaxed female energy, spent a lot of time in nature (and the sun!!), reading, very much in a content, joyful and meditative state.

In my past, when I was dealing with lots of emotional attachments to food, it was always when I was alone that I experienced the most compulsions and occasional binges. Since I haven’t really been alone in a while, particularly in the last six months,

I was very curious to see what would happen this weekend with my food intake.
I truly had no idea – it had been so long since I was left to only me, myself, and I. To my delight, I was surprised and pleased to witness that food is not really even on my mind at all. I’ve even had several pieces of Veronika’s chocolate in my freezer that I haven’t even thought about eating. Even 8 or 10 months ago, they wouldn’t have lasted an hour in there. If they were there, I’d eat them.
In fact, I’ve eaten lighter and better, more in tune with what I really want and need when I need it, than I think I ever have.
Anyways, I’m overjoyed and feel rather unlimited and proud right now :)
I had the wonderful joy of visiting with Katrina Rainoshek for lunch today, during which I think I may have successfully added her to World Domination by Spirulina Salad Team…

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