Day 3 Global Juice Feast – Bearin’ It (pun…)

by Courtney on March 3, 2008

Ooooooh I’ve been soaring today :D

We went to the gym this afternoon and I got on the treadmill to do my thing. On the occasion that I use a treadmill (can’t beat exercising outside, but I like the consistency a treadmill provides), I usually crank up the speed to where I’d have to be running, then turn it down a tiny bit, so that I settle at a speed that is where I’m just able to super fast power walk. I feel like it burns as much energy as jogging and sometimes it feels like more, and it feels so much better on my joints.
Aaanyways, I had so much energy today- amazing. It amazes me that I had that I had more energy than normal, considering I eat all raw, tons of greens, some amount of juice most days, etc… and I always have energy anyways… Basically, JFeasting is magical!
Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:
16 oz. water w/ 1 TBS MSM
32 oz. spinach/celery/apple juice w/ 1 TBS spirulina
16 oz. peppermint tea
20 oz. garden greens/sprouts/celery/cucumber/carrot juice
24 oz. orange/grapefruit w/ 1 TBS Natures First Food and MSM
8 oz. peppermint tea
1 TBS bee pollen
24 oz. grapefruit/orange w/ 1 TBS Nature’s First Food and MSM
16 oz. garden greens/dandelion/celery/cucumber
16 oz. garden greens/celery/cucumber/apple
Total: 132 oz. juice, 172 oz. total liquid
Wow, and I’m STILL thirsty after all that…
Exercise: 30 minutes treadmill – 2 miles

I’ll also document dreams if I can remember them.. last night I had the first dream I can remember where I was another animal, in this case I was a polar bear… I just remember bounding over this strange billowing lanscape that was like a bunch of quilts or parachute fabric all billowing around…
But they are really awesome videos and David and Katrina are giving out so much amazing information, documenting their own experiences on the Feast, answering questions about Juice Feasting… it’s so generous and they’re putting so much love into it, so please do check it out!

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