Day 7 Global Juice Feast

by Courtney on March 7, 2008

A week of juiciness… how quickly it has gone!!

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:28 oz. greens/sprouts/celery/cucumber/bell pepper/apple w/ 1 TBS spirulina
14 oz. licorice peppermint tea
22 oz. garden greens/spinach/cucumber/celery/sunflower sprouts 32 oz. orange/mango/grapefruit/blueberry/strawberry/kiwi w/ 1 TBS spirulina and 1 TBS bee pollen

14 oz. ‘berry antioxidant’ Yogi tea
16 oz. greens/cucumber/celery/lemon
32 oz. orange/mango/grapefruit/apple w/ spirulina and 1 TBS bee pollen
6 oz. greens/peach/pear
Total: 112 oz. juice, 140 oz. total liquid

I find it very interesting that my body rarely craves fruit and I don’t eat it regularly when I’m eating, I feel totally fine on lots of fruit sugars if I choose to eat/drink them. Although I do feel much better with the fruit juice when I mix it with a green powder (which I almost always do).

However, too much coconut water, dates, agave, yacon, some other sweet fruits or even honey really does me in. An interesting observation :)

I have decided to move into a modified juice feast for a while – juices plus a salad in the middle of the day. I’ve gone over how I want to do this juicy thing for the rest of the Global Juice Feast – one day per week? Two days per week? Modified? Modified plus one day per week? What I’ve settled on is a modified juice feast plus going all juice anytime I like. That kind of freedom feels good.So I was mistaken, I had actually gained about 8 lbs since my 60 day feast, and have lost 6.5 of that in the last week. My body seems to gain and lose weight rather readily. Go figure.

Even in this spectacular week break from food, I’ve been able to ready myself for the next best level of diet for my body. That’s what I totally love about JFeasting (among many things), is that its such a reset. Before my 60 Feast, my diet (though all raw) was rather out of control and I couldn’t seem to get a grip to make a change.

I ate totally different after my 60 day feast and maintained most of the 30 lb total weight loss (18 during the JFeast). Now, after this feast, I’m ready to take it to an even BETTER level. I’m ready to let go of more foods that I was still a bit emotionally attached to, I’m ready to take my physical exercise to the next level, and I’m ready to follow my intuition even deeper about how to nourish myself in every way.
And there was much rejoicing (you’ll laugh at that phrase if you’re a Monty Python fanatic like I am).

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Michelle J March 9, 2008 at 11:50 pm

Hiya Courtney, how are you doing? Just wondering…

You say: However, too much coconut water, dates, agave, yacon, some other sweet fruits or even honey really does me in. An interesting observation :)

What do you mean by really does me in? I partake of all of the above and usually feel ok but sometimes a bit, shall i say heavy? So, just curious!

Still loving your blog! You always have very interesting posts!


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