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by Courtney on April 19, 2008

This was a weekend of juiciness for me, and it felt oh-so-good to do it in the sunny upper 80 degree weather… My intake was the same both yesterday and today:

2 quarts green juice – generally of a combination of the following: spinach/butter lettuce/alfalfa sprouts/buckwheat sprouts/sunflower sprouts/cucumber/celery/apple/lemon/ginger
2 quarts fruit juice – a combo of the following: grapefruit/orange/apple/strawberry/mango

Also adding MSM and Vitamineral Green to the juices

I was surprised to find this time around that my body wasn’t reacting well to citrus juice – I could do other kinds of fruit juice alright, although my body was generally rather uninterested in fruit juice. I’ve never before NOT wanted fruit juice on a Juice Feast. This was particularly interesting, because I was more active these past two days than I think I ever was However, I just went with it an minimized the fruit intake.

I’ve officially gotten back down to the weight I was when I finished the Juice Feast. I was a little alarmed for a while: within two months, I’d actually gained about 9 of the 20 lbs I’d lost during my 60 day Juice Feast back… whoa! Although I’d made some major improvements on my diet since before the Juice Feast, I definitely came out of the Feast with the following factors that contributed to gaining the weight back:

1) Too much fat
2) Too much food altogether
3) Not enough exercise

For me, the actual Juice Feasting was pretty smooth and easy, the hard part has been finding the balance with my diet and lifestyle that will keep the weight off – one simply can’t expect to go back to the way they were eating and exercising/not exercising before a Juice Feast and expect to be able to keep off the weight that happened by drinking only juice for x amount of days.

It’s important to be present, observant, and intentional when one gets back into eating, or it may be easy to slip into old patterns and comfort foods.

Anyways, that’s my little sharing time :) So, as we’ve heard all our lives, watch what we eat, and get that booty movin‘.


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Linda in the Raw April 22, 2008 at 4:23 am


I love that you posted about diet and food intake AFTER the juice feast!! I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. It is so important, like you said, to come off the feast with presence and intention! Thank you for reminding us!!


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