Back Again Back Again

by Courtney on May 31, 2008

I’m back home again in Utah. It amazes me that the last time I was here was 7 months ago, and I was juice feasting! I was nearing the end of that juice feast, and when I was here doing that it was one of the hardest weeks emotionally for me.

A lot has changed since then, externally in my life but mostly internally. It is nice to revisit a place you know, because it really gives an opportunity like no other to take stock in who you’ve become (and hopefully that change is for the better :) )

I have a travel tip… I’ve discovered that dried prunes are a good flight snack because they fill you up (or me at least…) and they ensure that you don’t have to suffer any constipation from the trip. I hear those stories of people flying who seem to just not be able to have a bowel movement for a few hours or even many hours after they’re off the plane…. prunes will save you from that. I actually love dried prunes for some reason, so they were an exciting choice for me :PWhile here, most of my diet will likely consist of aloe smoothies (I actually brought 8 aloe leaves with me), spirulina salads, and snacks of gogi berries and bee pollen. I’ve had to use organic, store-bought greens for my spirulina salads, and wow, is it a different experience. I’m so, so, SO amazingly lucky to be able to eat 100% garden/wild grown greens and sprouts at the TOL, and I’m so realizing that right now.

Happy weekend to you!

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mimi June 5, 2008 at 9:55 pm

cool! i lived in utah for 7 yrs (byu). i love the mountains and the open air!


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