Progression of Purity

by Courtney on May 2, 2008

My mother, who has been using NCD Zeolite for about 3.5 months now, sent me this text message:

“Damn zeolite! I have another freaking headache!”

What is she talking about? Well… the past month or so, she’s found that her body has become sensitive enough that she can’t eat too much sugar anymore – she gets headaches after too many M&M’s or too much (sugary) coffee! She’s always looooooooved her sweet treats (she is by no means vegetarian, organic, raw, anything) and she’s finding she actually isn’t reacting well to them anymore. This makes sense, since zeolite clears the toxins and minimizes the buffer that inhibits sensitivity to chemicals, conventional white sugar, and other adverse substances.

The next text message she sent was:

“How do I live without sugar? My coffee? Chocolate chip cookies? Peanut butter M&M’s?”

Now, if you knew my mom, you’d see she’s actually mostly teasing and kidding with me – she’s always wanted to be more healthy but always has such cravings for food like this and has had such a hard time trying to minimize those cravings… and now its happening! She’s a wonderful, very conscious person and so she’s open to change… and she’s definitely amazed that she is having a hard time eating all the sugar and junk that she’s used to (although you’d never know, she actually does some modeling and people think we’re sisters all the time). I’ve just reassured her that all she has to do is find new favorites! Get excited about finding things that taste good AND are good for her! By not eating junk, she can look great for her age even longer! She’s not aging herself!

Yes, rather egocentric ideas to entice her, but the truth is that some people have to get hooked on a healthful lifestyle for reasons of looking good – not everyone goes on it simply because it saves the planet. And you know what? I personally think that it’s so important that people start eating and living in a way that is sustainable and loving, that I don’t really care WHY they start doing it. Just do it.

Tonight I had a LOVELY rooftop dinner with some dear friends – a friend is housesitting this gorgeous house on The Mesa – the part of Patagonia way high up on the hills, where there are many houses with gorgeous 360 degree views of the mountains, which are likely all at least a million dollars in value. This particular stucco/adobe house had architecture resembling an arabian castle. A few ladders on roofs brought us on to the flat stucco roof of the house, where we dined under the stars in the warm night.

Romantic, yes?

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Lindsay May 7, 2008 at 2:33 pm

I empathize with the Mom issue: if my mom had her way, she would eat cake and milk every morning for breakfast. *sigh…


Courtney Pool May 13, 2008 at 10:53 pm

Hi Anonymous,

There is quite a lot of info on, particularly in the audio files. Additionally, the book ‘Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness’ is really the required reading to understand the program in full. Thanks for your question :)


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