by Courtney on May 25, 2008

Hi lovelies, I do apologize I’ve been slacking! My energy has been going elsewhere lately, but things are smoothing out and becoming a bit less Tasmanian devil -like.

We have had CRAZY weather this week… there should not be any, any rain this time of year – at all. This week we had over 2 full days of rain, at some points complete DOWNPOUR, super strong winds and cold temperatures – low 60’s. Sooooo abnormal… weather changes are starting to happen, people…

I’ve naturally fell into some new, really good diet/exercise patterns. I have been running every morning (every morning, not just sporadically a few times per week like before), and I’ve been eating very little after about 3pm. It all feels so good!

I’m still going on the liver cleanse, although I’ve been slacking a bit on the castor oil packs and coffee enemas. I’m also doing the morning concoction that Dr. Cousens recommends and does himself, and that is making me feel really good. I think the biggest factor might be the Polar Mins, which seems to be a fantastic product and to give really amazing mineralization. One gallon of Polar Mins is equivalent to the minerals found in 100 gallons of ocean water – that gives some perspective!
Other than that, things are good. The rain gave way to quite a burst of green in the landscape, and it continues to get hotter. I do often wonder if weather changes will mean that we get MORE rain, making this area much less of a desert and much more green, or if it will make everything hotter and make it MORE of a desert… But its not like this area will go through any more changes than anywhere else.. we’re all in this together :)

I did also learn (I don’t know how I didn’t know this), that Patagonia has the third most clean and pure air of anywhere in the United States… Wonder what are the first two?

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Lisa, aka Pixywinks May 26, 2008 at 8:08 am

I think Hawaii may be one of the states with pure air. Not sure tho.


yardsnacker May 27, 2008 at 8:45 pm

In college when I took an elective course on meteorology I was told that the freshest air in the world is at the North Eastern tip of Washington State, the tip of the state on the coast. Storms just blast through there.
Sounds like you are well. Lucky ducky!


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