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by Courtney on June 4, 2008

When I see people here and there trying to eat ‘healthy’, trying to enjoy their pathetic salads with low fat dressings and limp, tasteless lettuce, bland chicken or fish with nothing on it, and whatever else that most people think that ‘eating healthy’ includes, can you BLAME people for having a negative association to ‘eating healthy’? Can you blame them for wanting to stick to what they know as tasty? I can’t.

That’s one of the many things that excites me about raw food – people have NO IDEA how fantastically tasty and amazing it IS to eat raw food! They don’t even know such a cuisine exists, and we get to introduce them to super fresh raw pizza, pasta, all the things they think they can’t have because they’re trying to ‘eat healthy’. The entire paradigm of what people associate to eating well, and what they think they have to do in order to be at the weight they want to, can change, and SHOULD change.

Yesterday I brought my family to the only raw restaurant in UT, which is in Salt Lake City, called ‘Omar’s Living Cuisine’. I actually worked here for about 8 months when I was in college in Salt Lake, and it was my first major introduction to raw food (when I started working there I was vegan and not raw yet, but very interested). Omar’s raw food isn’t like any that I’ve had anywhere else. He is lebanese, and so he brings a wonderful twist of spices to his food. He also uses garlic and onions, something the Tree of Life Cafe doesn’t use, but which I absolutely LOVE.

The dishes we chose to get were his raw pizza, hummus platter, bean burrito, falafel salad (one of his famed dishes), broccoli soup and a few truffles. Oh, it was such a good meal. And my almost 19 year old, 6’0″ and 185 lb brother, whom is a nationally ranked competitive swimmer, was SURE that he was going to need to get a big pasta dish somewhere after we ate, because after all, ‘it’s just vegetables and nuts’…. and guess what? He was STUFFED. He couldn’t even FINISH all of his food. And? Everyone was super surprised at how tasty and filling it was. Love that :D

It’s been rainy and partially cloudy here in UT, and its so strange for me! I should look up what the days of the year that are cloudy in Patagonia, but its got to be like one per month :) It is such an interesting observation that my whole being just CRAVES sun, like the sun I get every day, every minute of the waking hour in Patagonia, and I think its SO important to have that sun. I don’t think I would ever choose to live in a place that was not vastly predominantly sunny to cloudy.

My family is very grossed out by my spirulina salads. In fact, they are almost embarrassed for me when I get the nice green ring around my lips, hussling to get me another napkin, “Oh my gosh Courtney, it’s all over the place! Let me run and get you something to wipe that off with!”…. I know… chill out. You’re the only one embarrassed about it… ;)

Speaking of spirulina, check out this article on NaturalNews.com

Love always,

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Lesley Anne June 7, 2008 at 4:55 am

YAY to UTAH, YAY to OMAR’S and YAY to you Courtney for bringing your family there. I bet there were shocked that it was sooo good. I always split a pasta dish there because it’s so filling.

I too take my family to Omar’s every time I go home and they love it! They even go there on there own will now:)

The food there is off the hook, try the seaweed soup it’s crazy good. We will have to meet up sometime at Omar’s if we are ever there at the same time.

XOXO Lesley Anne


Hello Sunshine June 8, 2008 at 5:21 am

hahaha.. i feel you on the spirulina salad.

my sister used to make gagging noises and tell me the scent of my green juice made her nauseous. have faith though! three years later she asks me to make her some too, AND she occasionally makes it for herself.


amadori June 9, 2008 at 7:05 pm

Have you ever posted a recipe for this kind of salad? I admit I’ve been through 2 jars of spirulina in my lifetime and never aquired the taste. But I’d like to like it, it’s such good stuff.


Natasha June 12, 2008 at 2:03 am

Reading your blog is an honour, Courtney. You are a dear. “An earth angel merely masquerading as a human being”, to quote the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes”. :0) May you only have the most beauteous of days!


P.S. It’s okay. I’m a somewhat of a closet country fan, too. ;) Have you heard Jewel’s newest, “Stronger Woman”? Ahhh, Divine! (I always have been a Jewel Kilcher fan. So thoughtful that love is.)


Courtney Pool June 14, 2008 at 5:27 pm

Amadori – Yes, I have! But it’s simple – greens, sprouts, hemp or olive oil, salt, and spirulina.

Optional additions –

Hemp seeds

Your choice…


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