Passionflowers and Monsoons

by Courtney on June 28, 2008


Monsoon season, I say? But aren’t we in Arizona?? Indeed. Up here in the mountains, we get a monsoon season every year that normally starts early July (its a bit early this year) and goes into September.

It doesn’t mean that it rains all day, but rather that it is sunny and gorgeous (like it always is), and once a day it will come in and rain for an hour or so and then leave and come back the next day. So, what that means is that we get GREENER, and GREENER – absolutely gorgeous. It also means it cools down starting in July, so now we’re looking at highs only in the 90’s – our days of 104 degrees are mostly over now – whew.

The monsoons are absolutely fantastic here – really the most electrifying and exciting storms I’ve ever experienced anywhere – lightning cracking over the mountains and mass amounts of negative ions circulating – it makes me (and pretty much everyone) feel so ALIVE.. :)

I’ve recovered just fine after my liver flush. I don’t feel hugely different, although I do feel that my digestion is slightly better. I am so pleased that I released some stones, and am interested to see how my next liver flush goes in about 7 weeks.

Our garden is explooooooding – we literally can’t eat the greens fast enough – and that’s saying a lot in a community which typically feeds between 70 and 100 people every day. I keep teasing the kitchen to just make some ridiculous 100% wild green juice with anything leftover… however, my vision has not yet manifested ;) Maybe I’d be the only one who’d actually drink it!

My exercise has shifted to the evening, mostly because I’ve had difficulty falling asleep at night due to the heat (and I’m in a house with no cooling system). So, I usually end up sleeping in an hour or so more than usual because I need it, and exercise in the evening. Although it is fine, I DEFINITELY prefer exercising in the am. It’s cooling off now so hopefully my sleep schedule will go back to normal.

On one of my runs down near the creek the other day, I saw the first passionflower that I’ve seen this year – they’re so gorgeous. This picture at the top of this blog was actually taken here in Patagonia – it looks like a flower that would grow somewhere tropical – but at the same time, it does look rather tropical here in Patagonia during monsoon season, and much less like a desert.

So, in this fantastic time of year, I am very electrified!

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Lisa (Pixywinks) July 4, 2008 at 3:21 am

Oh, that sounds so delightful. I hope to visit someday.
Pixy Lisa


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