July 2008 Alive with Gabriel

by Courtney on July 20, 2008

Hi all! This morning was this months’ Alive with Gabriel episode. I have taken notes on the 1st half of the program for you. The first half is nutritional, the second half is spiritual. It’s quite a challenge to try to paraphrase Gabriel’s spiritual teachings, so I didn’t try :P

And here we go! I’ll do them in bullet point style again…

Subject: Neurological Degeneration

  • What are the causes of neurological degenearation, such as Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, and ALS/Lou Gehrig’s?
    • Heavy metals, external toxicity
  • Parkinson’s is more specifically linked to the total pesticide exposure in one’s life
  • In cases where people are exposed to higher amounts of formaldahyde, there is a 34% increase in ALS (Lou Gehrigs).
    • Formaldahyde is present in many vaccines, as is animal tissues
  • Every time one is vaccinated, the brain experiences about 2 years of inflammation
  • Other causes of external toxicity – chemtrails (containing heavy metals including aluminum)
  • As we age, autolysis slows down. Autolysis is the ability of our enzymes, particularly our protolytic enzymes, to break down accumulation of junk in the cells and gets rid of dead and dying cells. It also slows down the more toxic we are.
    • Remedies for keeping autolysis up to speed – green juice fasting is the #1, also certain enzymes, particularly the new Tree of Life Enzymes which can be bought here.
  • Flouride is another big contributor to neurological degeneration. Flouride:
    • Increases the aging process
    • Decreases spiritual willpower (it was used in concentration camps for this very reason)
  • Solutions for neurological degeneration: for the average person, as a preventitive measure against neurological degeneration, a supplemental Lithium can be taken – 5 mg 2x/day.
    • Lithium clears toxins from brain cells
    • Stimulates brain cells and nervous system growth
    • Greatly slows down the progression of ALS
    • Blocks the negative effects of aluminum in the nervous system
    • Regenerates axons
    • May increase brain cells
    • Speeds up autolysis
    • People low in lithium tend towards manic depression, suicide, homicide, sinility, drug and alcohol use, and other violence
    • In areas with more lithium present in the water, there is less of the above. The two states with water highest in lithium are Arizona and Illinois.
  • Food sources of Lithium include:
    • #1 Spirulina (Another case in point for my world domination by spirulina agenda)
    • Vegetables (nutrient dense, organic)
    • Grains
    • If plants are grown with seawater solutions, there will be more lithium present.
    • Note: Food sources, for nearly everyone, will not supply enough lithium.
  • Another fantastic thing for prevention of neurological degeneration – E3 Live
    • E3 Live is a tonic for the brain, stimulates creativity, and has components that stimulate stem cells
    • Dr. Cousens said he’s seen all the blue green algaes on the market and feels that E3 Live is the best.
    • E3 Live is great for kids and their brain development


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yardsnacker July 21, 2008 at 11:35 pm

Brainily…lol you funneee! Thanks for that awesome post C! I love hearing the shorthand versions of what I am only guessing are awesome mind boggling events! You are lucky!



Anthony July 25, 2008 at 2:10 pm

SO much info…never really thought about lithium at all.

I tell people about the fluoride-spiritual/mental willpower connection and they think Im a conspiracy nut.

GREAT post Courtney…thanks for spreading the 411…


.ambre. July 28, 2008 at 7:35 pm

Do you mind sharing your sources for the brain inflammation and vaccines fact? I would really like to show it to my husband. Thanks!


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