Spirit Dance Recap

by Courtney on September 27, 2008

Hi all,

I must say I return to writing this blog with a new perspective indeed. It’s sort of strange, trying to bring an experience like the One World Spirit Dance and put into writing, but I will do :)

For a quick rundown of what we actually did for Spirit Dance:

The first few days were ‘Prep’ days (starting Wednesday night – Sunday morning) During these days we built the Spirit Dance site, which is out in the woods at the foot of Red Mountain, right outside the Tree of Life property. We also did 7 inipis per day in the span of 7 days (!!), and also mikvahs (ritual baths for ‘purification’). We ate lightly during these days as we were preparing for a fast. Sunday morning we did our last inipi and mikvah, and headed down to the dance site for the opening ceremony. For the next 4 days, the Spirit Dance is happening – There are always people in the dance circle, all day and all night, for 4 days. We did not leave the site, and we were water fasting the entire time.

The inipis were the hottest I have ever done, and they challenged me in every way – and in doing that, you can bet I released quite a lot of emotional and physical toxicity. The days of water fasting coupled with complete immersion in nature were fantastic for my body. I felt so high, light, clear. Towards the end I actually started to have quite a detox coming on – sore throat, coughing up phlegm (sorry if that grosses you out) and mucous. However, after, I was told by quite a few people that I looked very different – likely from the whole combination of bodily purification – inipis, water fasting, etc.

But thats the physical part.

I found a sense of serenity, peace, and faith. We can intellectually know many things, and talk about them, but the power is in experiencing them as true. I experienced deeply during this time that everything happens for a reason, that all is well, and that I am taken care of. Answers to many topics which were clouded with confusion prior to the dance. I experienced an unexpected and profound unfolding of the Divine Feminine in myself, and how that applied to my life and my new intentions.

I am so grateful for the bonding that happened between all of us who participated. It is amazing the understanding and love that can be cultivated with strangers, when the intention and environment is supportive of it. I am grateful for the leadership and guidance of Gabriel Cousens, Keith Lyons and Parashakti in this dance. I am grateful for the people and lineage who have upheld this tradition so that I could partake in its opportunity for immense growth.

Come join us next year :)

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