Neologasmic Epicness

by Courtney on February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I am so excited and happy today :) I feel extra extra grateful and alive today. I’m not one to throw around the word gratitude when I don’t mean it, and today, I mean it :) I have incredible friends and family, an amazing community here and all around the world, and sunny, warm days! I have books to read, journals to write in, mountains to hike on, sunbeams to lay in.. life is good. Really good. (Although my new Conscious Language advisor – Love ya J. – would ask that I use a more interesting adjective than, ‘good’).

You know what else I love? (Of course you don’t, and so I am going to tell you) Language. I love language in the sense of the different languages of the world, and I love finding new words in the english language, and the meaning behind them, their origins (Yes, I am a certified SUPERDORK).

In fact, I’ve been so energized by both these topics (origins and words of the English language) and the study of all languages, that I’ve been finding youtube clips of different languages and just listening to them. I like listening to the differences between languages in the same.. ‘group’? (ie. comparing romance languages, comparing scandanavian languages, etc).

I also love learning new words.. Two of my favorites for the last 6 or 7 years are…

EPIC – heroic; majestic; impressively great; of unusually great size or extent
INEFFABLE – incapable of being expressed or described in words; inexpressible

My two new favorites of this week:

BALABUSTA – a Yiddish word meaning a good homemaker, the role of “spiritual bonding and helping its members hold together.”
NEOLOGASM – (not actually a word.. but according to Urban Dictionary it is ;) “The intensely pleasurable sensations generated by using, hearing or coining a new word or phrase”

In fact, if you’d like to gift me something for Valentine’s day, I’d love to learn a new interesting word you find/know…


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