Juice Feast Day 10

by Courtney on March 11, 2009

I am experiencing something interesting. Alright, so we all are always asking for things, right? Well, I am. We want to manifest this, or that, some are small, and some are big. I always hear this talk of the ‘ability to receive’. The ability.

I have been receiving some pretty major opportunities and gifts in the past week or.. actually, basically since I began juice feasting. And what I’m finding is that I’m petrified that I’m actually receiving some things that I’ve always thought it would be nice to receive. I don’t know what to do with myself. It’s such a jump in my reality that I’m a bit shocked, I suppose. There’s the worthiness factor: “Me? Really?” “Why me?” “I’m not ready for this!” “I don’t think I deserve this.” “Someone else would do better with this opportunity.”

The other funny thing that my mind has jumped to when I realize what I’m being given is that it actually thinks of how it might be able to get out of receiving it. Get out of receiving it.

So, here’s my growth right now. I’m being given opportunities, love, people. And these hold more energy than my being has been previously able or needed to hold, and so the challenge now is actually to open wide enough in my being and my heart to receive them, and to trust that there’s not a mistake that these things are coming to me, at this time. Faith.. And it’s scary. It’s scary to consider the task of expanding to the person who can easily receive and own what is being given, and what would need to be done and experienced with those gifts. Rise to the task, I suppose.

Today’s Intake:

18 oz. orange/grapefruit with 1 TBS spirulina
24 oz. cucumber/celery/greens
22 oz. cucumber/celery/greens/apple/lemon/ginger with cayenne and turmeric
8 oz. tea with honey
12 oz. apple juice

Total juice: 84 oz.

Alright, I’m just accepting this whole under a gallon thing…

YAY DAY 10! Already 1/3 – 1/4 done! Amazing :) I feel great! There’s little to really report on.. feeling great, clear skin, still having bowel movements, sleeping less..

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