Juice Feast Day 3

by Courtney on March 4, 2009

Today’s Intake:

18 oz. blueberry/orange
32 oz. celery/cucumber/greens with cayenne and turmeric
30 oz. celery/cucumber/beet/greens/lemon/ginger with cayenne and turmeric

10 oz. berry herbal tea with 2 tsp honey and a squirt of vanilla creme stevia

14 oz. pomegranate/grape/apple
22 oz. grapefruit/cherry/orange
Total juice: 116 oz.

I had another headache around 4pm which left shortly. I had a lot of fruit juice today because fruit juices are quicker to make than green veggie juice (quicker to strain), and I chose to do other things than prioritize green juice today :)

photo from jupiterimages.com


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