Juice Feast Day 9

by Courtney on March 10, 2009

Today’s Intake:

22 oz. orange/grapefruit with 1.5 tbs spirulina
32 oz. cucumber/celery/greens/lemon/ginger
24 oz. cucumber/celery/greens with cayenne and turmeric
16 oz. orange/ginger

16 oz. orange/grapefruit with spirulina and bee pollen

12 oz. coconut water
Total juice: 122 oz.
Allllllmost a gallon, yeeeeeeeeehaww!! I am amazed that tomorrow is day 10 already, it is going so fast! During my last juice feast, before long, my juice was basically two different kinds:

  • Green juice made from cucumber, celery, greens, lemon and ginger
  • Orange/grapefruit juice with spirulina

This is happening again. I keep walking into the co op contemplating new juices and end up just getting citrus. Interesting. It’s particularly interesting that I want so much citrus during my juice feasts, because normally when I eat, I never, ever eat citrus. I just never crave it.

I have not done enemas the past few days (naughty), and shall commence them tomorrow! I also continue to feel fine on about 6-7 hours of sleep per night. Normally, I sleep 8-9. Awesome :)


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