Modified Juice Feast Day 1

by Courtney on March 16, 2009

Hello darling readers,

I have moved into a modified juice feast. The reason for this is that the past few days, as you have noticed from my intake, I have had almost no green juice. The reason for this is that, although I loooove the Tree of Life Cafe, the green juice is almost the exact same recipe all the time. So, half a gallon of the same thing was getting old. What ended up happening is that I went and got the green juice, and took some sips, but just didn’t feel like drinking it at all.

So what’s been happening is 1) I consume very little – likely less caloric intake than when one is juice fasting, and 2) I was drinking only fruit juice. Consuming few calories is usually just fine with me, but doing it on only fruit juice definitely isn’t. I rarely eat fruit on a normal basis when I’m eating (perhaps 1-3 pieces per week), so fruit consumption, for me, is really exclusive to juice feasting. I also am a ‘fast oxidizer,’ which means greens and protein is important. I was beginning to feel imbalanced.

At this point, I had the choice to muscle through, grit my teeth and make myself drink the green juice, or to move to a modified juice feast until I was ready to drink green juice again. When I ate some yesterday, as I historically have done and still do (and am working to change this pattern), I beat myself up, cried and decided definitively that I was a failure in every area of life, especially in health (drama queen?). After tearful conversations with my mom and two of my best friends, I felt better and decided to try that tactic called ‘compassion’.

So, today I have eaten all juice except for a small salad with spirulina on it, and I feel oh-so-much better.


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