Birthday Shenanigans

by Courtney on April 20, 2009

Again we find ourselves at a fantastic Monday!

I had a GREAT birthday and subsequent weekend. Friday, the day included being incredibly busy at the Tree, moving offices for ours to be remodeled, scrambling to help finish some deadline projects, drama with a friend (resolved), lots of chocolate, my best friend arranged a pseudo strip tease (boxers remained on) from another friend, lots of birthday hugs, and a last minute party my friend Christopher’s┬áhouse. Whew.

Saturday entailed sleeping in laaaaaate, and chilling most of the day, then attending meditation, where Gabriel shared an interesting discussion on the damage of gossip, or any talking about someone that is not uplifting. Saturday night, a raw potluck party with raw hummus and veggies, raw ice cream, chocolate covered jackfruit and chocolate truffles. We sat around a fire and watched glo-poi spinners show off their talent.

Sunday, I woke early to attend a 2.5 advanced level yoga class led by Shanti Golds Cousens. I’m decently flexible, but it was still challenging for me. After that, brunch in the sun, and then a visit to Shanti’s house. We talked about politics, Angelina Jolie and yoga, and drank prickly pear juice. Soon, the cafe manager and one of our yoga teachers came over, and all four of us had an enjoyable Goddess gathering.

After that, I hung with a friend and we layed in the sun, hiked to the top of the mesa trail, ate dinner, and watched a movie.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, and if you didn’t, I’m sure there are other things you are worthy of thanking for, so Thank YOU too!

Some links I enjoyed:

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Love love, Courtney

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