Money Teaches, Meditation Deepens

by Courtney on April 16, 2009

Happy THURSDAY to you all, lovely beings!

I received an interesting opportunity this morning. Tomorrow is my birthday, and yesterday I received a box with a couple of small presents from my mom (a shirt, a pair of earrings, mom stuff!). This morning, I called to thank her, and she excitedly asked me, “What are you going to spend the money on?” I said, “Umm.. what money??”. Turns out that she put a $100 bill in a card, yet… there was no money in the card when I opened it. Turns out, my mom gave all the wrapped presents and sealed card with money to a post office worker for them to box it all up. Likely that the worker took it out of the envelope and took it for her/himself.

So, this morning, my mom and I, either were tested on our inner peace, needed a lesson in letting go, or we needed to burn some karma ;) (anyone else heard the teaching that losing money is burning karma?)

Anyways :)

I had a revelation in regards to emotional eating about a month ago. You know the slipups where you eat a whole jar of almond butter, or something a bit excessive that way?

Well, it occurred to me that I’m ready to let go of that. It was an odd revelation to realize that some part of me isn’t ready to completely stop emotional eating, but I am ready to stop those kinds of really excessive behaviors. Since then, I’ve felt so much clearer mentally, and my meditations have been so much deeper. True to my all-or-nothing tendencies, I had always felt angry at myself for any food eaten in excess, ever. I condemned everything from one extra bite, to a really excessively large meal.

When I realized there is a real part of me that is not healed enough yet to not overeat, and to not use food sometimes emotionally, but that I was ready to stop these semi-binges, something shifted. And it’s great! For me, the greatest reward of eating lighter and doing the work to break free of emotional attachment to food is a deeper feeling of connection to the Divine and Oneness that is, and deeper meditations.


Photo above by me of some my birthday cards


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