Spring and Meditation

by Courtney on April 2, 2009

Tis APRIL indeed, my favorite month because growing up in Vermont, April is the first month that I was reminded that indeed, snow was not to stick around forever. It was also the month of Easter, which as a child, I celebrated in the most American traditional way one can imagine. Thirdly, it’s the month of my birthday. Fourthly, it’s Spring, and well, we all know that Spring is the BEST season.. ;)

I have been meditating more this week, and it’s felt fantastic. The draw to meditate and cultivate other spiritual practices is not always constant. Sometimes we are very drawn to it, and sometimes not. And if we have the perseverance to practice meditating and other things anyways, during those times of lull, that’s what counts. My increased meditation has influenced my daily activity choices. I feel more content being alone, more content with silence. I have also been waking up earlier.

Below, a few fun pics:

Cherry/Orange Juice

A recent jaunt with a friend and her dogs to the San Rafael Valley

Myself and Philip M

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