Turning On Our Youthing Genes

by Courtney on April 23, 2009

Foods that we eat, or don’t eat, communicate with our genes, for better or for worse! Foods do not change the genotype, which is the physical structure of the genes… the foods we eat do change the way the message in the genes is expressed.

The principle being that not only what we eat, but how we live and the stresses that we create, directly affects gene expression. The implications of detailed genetic research is quite exciting. One of the most important elements is that we have a potential, under the right conditions, to access all our genetic information from every stage of development, from embryo to an adult. The genetic expression of every cell in our body, is potentially accessible at any time. The significance of this is that through proper living, diet, fasting, lifestyle, exercise and emotional, mental, and spiritual development, we have the opportunity to activate our youthing genes.

Exract from Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens


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