Chinese Herb Consultation

by Courtney on May 19, 2009

After this past Eden retreat, which I hear was well attended, a few participants came down for a visit to the Tree of Life. One was “Rehmannia” Dean Thomas, who was an apprentice of Ron Teeguarden‘s for 8 years. Today he is runs his company “Shaman Shack.” I am told he actually trained Truth Calkins.

Rehmannia gifted us with a presentation about Taoist Chinese herbs – their history, philosophy, and methodology, and about herbal formulating and spiritual aspects of health. It was VERY interesting. Today, Rehmannia gave consultations at the VivaPura warehouse, where he formulated individualized herbal formulas based on his testing.

Rehmannia said I have very strong lungs. This was interesting to me, because in all honesty I’m not (yet!) the most avid athlete. I used to be a state ranked swimmer/water polo player (which I stopped 4 years ago), and I wonder if my 11 years of a sport (swimming) which required excellent lung capacity and constant training of the lungs, were substantial enough that even now my longs are strong. If so, amazing how the body retains things?

He said I have a strong constitution, and a extremely healthy tongue (whatever that means). However, he also said my blood was low (why I don’t know?), that my liver needs strengthening (likely from years of junk food and fast food, plus chlorine – tears up the liver – and even now a tendency to overeat fat) and that my spleen is too damp (also a mystery, although he mentioned this is common for raw foodists). Thus, my herbs:

White Atractylodes



Dang Gui

Ho Sho Wu


Lo Han Quo

Longan (a YUMMY fruit!)




Prepared Rehmannia (also tasty)



Chinese herbalism and Chinese medicine (as it can be fused with the benefits of raw food and other health practices!) is an arena that I am becoming increasingly interested in. I’ve already been making the herbal tea that Truth Calkins recommends, and it was even better to have everything individualized to my own body.

Just wait – very soon I’ll be pulling stunts like Jackie Chan!


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