Day 7 of Seven day Green Juice Fast and BREAK FAST!

by Courtney on May 31, 2009

Ahhh… This day finds me SO HAPPY! I woke up to a sunny morning, feeling clean, energetic and light! I broke my fast at the Cafe with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, and enjoyed beautiful conversations with people whom I cherish. What a great experience this fast was!

First things first:

Yesterday, my last day of fasting, I felt the draw to food again. Most of the fast I was disinterested in food, and I started to feel drawn to it again yesterday. Not in an “I’m panicked I’m going to binge on all the things I shouldn’t eat after a fast”, but eager to meet food again with a whole new perspective, appreciation, and respect. Enthusiastic to take the next step in ‘conscious eating’ and truly eating intuitively and appropriately for my own body.

Checklist for day 7:

  • Wheatgrass – yes
  • Skin brushing – yes
  • Sunbathing – no
  • Enemas 2x/day – colonic
  • Infrared sauna 30-45 min/day – yes
  • NCD Zeolite – yes
  • Systemic Enzymes (15 caps/day, taken out of capsules and taken as powder) – yes
  • Yoga – no
  • Rebounding 20 min/day – no
  • Walking according to energy level – yes – 45 min

Today began with a breakfast of berries – blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, with a small spoonful of flax seed. I also took probiotics, digestive enzymes, and triphala. So joyful, eating berries after a week fast! At lunch, we had the option of a salad or more fruit. I really wasn’t in any way drawn to the salad, so basically had the same thing at lunch. I didn’t really eat after lunch.

I’ve lost weight during this fast, I estimate about 7 lbs. I happened to measure my waist and found it was at 27″ (I am 5’7″). Pretty exciting for me. Aside from the vanity, I’m happy that my heart, other organs, blood and spine have an easier time now doing what they’re supposed to do and don’t have to function around, through, and with that 5 or 7 lbs of extra weight! A friend insisted on taking a picture of me yesterday, so I thought I’d post a before/after! These photos are about 40 lbs and 2 years apart:

The next post I will write will be comparing the following methods of cleansing, which I have tried all of for at least 6 days: water fasting, juice fasting, Juice Feasting, and the Master Cleanse. Stay tuned!


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