A Comparison of Cleansing – Part 1

by Courtney on June 19, 2009

Yes, I have remembered to release this post! I will write two posts on this topic. The first will cover the four different kinds of cleansing I have done, which involve liquids only, and what I experienced with each of them. The second post will be one that focuses more on the general benefits and disadvantages of each of them, and in which situations that each, I feel, is most optimally used for.

Cleanse #1: Master Cleanse
11 days, early 2006

The Master Cleanse was my very first experience on a cleanse without solid food. I did it when I was a full time college student, and working part time. At the time, I was pretty much vegan at the time, and doing some raw. The food addiction was very deep at the time, so I yo-yo’d a lot. I did this at the time of my life where I was going up in weight, and when I started, I weighed about twenty pounds more than I do now.

So, I embarked! At the time, I didn’t know anything about elimination aids such as skin brushing, enemas, etc., so none of them were included. I was active in yoga at the time, though, and was doing 1-2 hours every day, also walking about 30 min – 1 hour per day, because I was in a college town.

It was a great experience for me. I was surprised to find that I liked the taste of the concoction, and although I was slightly hungry, it wasn’t very difficult. I believe I lost about 8 lbs or so in those 11 days., I felt better, and I looked better – clearer and brighter skin, etc. I was also able to study and concentrate in school. For a first cleanse ever – super awesome!

Cleanse #2: Water Fasting

Water Fast #1: 5 Days, Mid 2006

This I also did in college. I was not a happy camper! I was busy, stressed, and again, didn’t know about elimination aids like enemas and skin brushing.

Water Fast: #2: 5 days, September 2008

Ahhh, HERE I was a happy camper. Literally, actually, because this water fast was for the Spirit Dance, led by Gabriel Cousens, nearly a week long fast and silent inward journey in the woods. Our water fast began after a 3 day ‘purification’ period of 2x per day inipis, light eating, and meditation. During the actual fast, all the participants, including myself, were immersed in nature, meditating, and in silence most of the time. This fast was effortless. It was so appropriate for what I was doing, and so supportive. It is amazing how natural and obvious it felt for me to combine fasting, nature and meditation. “Of course you’d fast when in nature when being inward! Duh!”

Cleanse #3: Juice Feasting – green and fruit juice

Juice Feast #1: 60 Days, October 2007-December 2007

Well… I don’t need to write much about this one, because I blogged every day! The first post can be viewed here. To date, my most transformative experience with cleansing. Why? Because of the length of time. Such a long time provided me so much space for personal and spiritual growth, and physical cleansing. I lost almost 20 lbs on this.

Juice Feast #2: 7 Days, March 2008

Fun… Easy! This length has become pretty easy for me, so there’s little to report! Click here to view beginning.

Juice Feast #3: 13 Days, March 2009

Same as above! :) Click here to view beginning.

Cleanse #4: Juice Fasting – green juice
7 Days, May 2009

I really enjoyed this experience. This was my first fast, drinking just 2 quarts per day, on only green juice. I really enjoyed the equanimity I experienced from only greens and no fruit. Physically I felt quite good – I worked the entire way through, and was surprised to find that an easy task. Part of this could be that I was quite consistent on things such as enemas, colonics, saunas, and walking for exercise. Click here to view the beginning.

Next post, a comparative analysis!


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