Raw Spirit Santa Barbara – Part 1

by Courtney on June 10, 2009

Hello all! Back from the Raw Spirit Festival! Enjoy my recap:

On Wednesday, I wake early to be picked up by Chris, one of the owners of VivaPura. I went to the festival to help out with VivaPura’s booth. We bop out the whole way to epic music (on his awesome sound system), and talk and laugh the entire way. We finally found the campground the festival was held at after an hour of perusing. We met up with the rest of our crew, including Ivri, another owner, set up our tents and got into bed close to midnight.

The location of the campground is quite beautiful: up in the mountains outside of Santa Barbara. It is very majestic and lush. Santa Barbara itself is gorgeous – I was really impressed with everything about it!

The next morning we (5 adults, 2 kids), picked up and went down to the beach in Santa Barbara! We swam despite that it was somewhat overcast and chilly. Had to swim in the ocean!.. It was cold. My brother and his girlfriend came down to hang, and we all went out to a veg restaurant for some lunch. After that we walked around some shops, and then headed back to the campground.

Thursday night I had the privilege of hanging out with gorgeous people whom I have met, and some I hadn’t!

Friday I walked around the festival for a while and worked the booth. People loved the Jarrah bee pollen.. as always! The common response from the bee pollen is that it tastes like ‘Captain Crunch’. Cops even came by the booth, tried it and loved it!

Below: Cops eating Jarrah bee pollen!

Changing the health of the world, one cop at a time..

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