Raw Spirit Santa Barbara – Part 2

by Courtney on June 11, 2009

Just thought I’d start my second post with some pictures of delicious yumminess ;)

Saturday I worked the booth in the morning, and then in the afternoon met up with my darling brother again. He and his girlfriend took me to a vegan restaurant that night: Mary’s Secret Garden. They had a selection of raw food dishes, which we all shared. We had their tacos, their sushi, and their strawberry shortcake. Super yummy! (Silly me didn’t take pics..)

We also went on a hike to a hill high above Ventura. Here are some pics I took from the top!

The next morning, we went for a walk on the beach. Surprisingly, I thought the beaches at Ventura were prettier than those in Santa Barbara – perhaps because there were less oil rigs wrecking the horizon and less population overall. I loooooooooved basking in the humbling prescence of the ocean, and definitely benefited emotionally and spiritually from spending time near amd in the water.

I returned to the festival on Sunday afternoon, and enjoyed Sunday and then we drove back to Patagoofy on Monday!

Overall, it was a nice festival. My honest opinion from a business/vendor standpoint is that the campground idea isn’t the best one. Having it at a campground in the mountains is beautiful, but attracts less people who have lots of money to spend. My vote: have it at a high end resort! My hope is that the next two this year will be better attended – it was quite minimal. Fun, but sparse!


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