A Comparison of Cleansing – Part 2

by Courtney on July 2, 2009

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OK! So, what is below is my personal opinions on each of the methods of cleansing I have covered, and what situations I recommend them for. The bottom line I’m making in this ‘comparison’ is this:

Different cleanses are appropriate for different people, at different times. Some cleanses may be appropriate for a fairly toxic person but not for a clean one, and some may be fantastic for a clean person but too big of a step for a person whose lifestyle is still quite toxic. It’s all within the context of the person and situation.

Cleanse #1: Master Cleanse

I recommend the Master Cleanse only for people who are just starting out with healthier living. I would put friends or family on it, who are still carnivores but have expressed some interest in cleansing. If someone is on a diet of meat and dairy and white sugar, a master cleanse with maple syrup and lemon is going to be a step in the direction of health for them. It’s a LOT of sugar to consume in a day, and the lack of any chlorophil could be very imbalancing for people. The maple syrup could be detrimental for anyone with candida, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, or Diabetes (promise me you won’t to the Master Cleanse if you’re Diabetic!!)

The reason I think the Master Cleanse has worked so well as an introductory cleanse is that the ingredients are familiar ones, the concoction tastes decent, particularly if one goes easy on the cayenne (although I’d recommend taking as much cayenne as you can handle!). There are also a decent amount of calories involved, so most people don’t get unbearably hungry. If someone were to do it, I’d absolutely recommend substituting wild raw honey for the maple syrup.

Will I do the Master Cleanse again? No. I am interested in the next best thing for myself, and it simply wouldn’t be a step forward for me. It was GLORIOUS for me when I did it, but it would not serve me now, mostly due to the sugar factor.

Cleanse #2: Water Fasting

I feel that water fasting is fantastic for spiritual purposes. As you read in my experience with water fasting the second time, it was done within a setting of meditation and completely inward focus, and so water fasting seemed completely natural; I think anything else would have actually felt inappropriate to the situation. However, in our toxic world and considering the fact that most of us are deficient anyways, water fasting doesn’t seem to be the best choice for most people. Our environment and our bodies are much more toxic than when Paul Bragg wrote ‘The Miracle of Fasting’ in the 70’s (is that correct?) or Arnold Ehret writings even earlier.

Will I do water fasting again? Yes! But only to create the space for inward focus, meditation, or some sort of spiritual practice. Or, if I’m stuck traveling somewhere and there’s nothing quality to eat!!

Cleanse #3: Juice Feasting – green and fruit juice

I think Juice Feasting is such a powerful tool. Most people I have seen, who do it correctly, incorporating each and every component, have a very transformational experience with it. It’s also so versatile, in the sense that you can individualize it to you, with supplements and superfoods, and be totally creative with your juices. It also allows one to exercise, which is a main reason I love it. A long term cleanse that you can actually do while exercising regularly, going to work, and taking care of all of your regular day to day activities.

I think it can be imbalancing to drink any kind of fruit juice on a Juice Feast if you have candida, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, or Diabetes (once again, promise me you won’t drink fruit juice if you’re Diabetic!!).

Will I Juice Feast again? Yes! I will likely reserve Juice Feasts for two weeks or longer. At some point, I plan to do a full 92 day one.

Cleanse #4: Juice Fasting – green juice

After doing my green juice fast in May, I am totally in love with green juice fasting. I think this is mostly due to the fact that I consumed green juice only and no sugar. The low glycemic intake of only green juice provided such a space in my mind that I’d not experienced before. I felt clearer, more calm, and that I automatically had less thoughts, and I didn’t have to try. I think there was some physical cleansing my body got to do that it wouldn’t have, had I drank fruit juices. I imagine I would feel the same way on an only green Juice Feast. I’m sold on the healing power of only green juices.

Green juice fasts are great for pretty much everyone. I have seen amazing transformations and healing in people who have done green juice fasts at the Tree, and much of the benefit that participants of the Reversing Diabetes program experience is during their 7 day green juice fast.

Will I green juice fast again? Yes! Particularly for times in my life where I feel I require clarity, to step back, to quiet down and go inward, green juices only are my choice!

With joy,

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