P90x Home Fitness Program – Week 3 Update

by Courtney on August 22, 2009

Greetings! This week, I actually did week 4’s protocol. I missed week 2 due to being in Utah. So, this week the order of the workouts changed, and a new workout was introduced called ‘Core Synergics,’ which is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It includes big movements that require the whole core area to do: abs, hip muscles, upper thighs, mid and lower back, obliques, etc.

My arms and legs are continuing to show more and more definition, and people are noticing. That always feels nice ;)

The longer I am exercising regularly like this, the more silly and imbalanced it seems to me that so many people in the raw food scene focus mostly or exclusively on the food aspect of health, and minimally or at best, secondary, on the fitness. I understand that, though – I was totally in the food part of it and rather inactive for the last 4 years. Now, though, I am beggining to really feel, at least for myself, that the best balance is placing fitness in the #1 focus, and then superfoods and supplements in the #2 place, and food in #3. I am a physical person and it really is just denial to think I can get away without vigorous exercise every single day. Not everyone is that way of course, some people require lighter exercise. My bodily consitution is one that needs ample and intense exercise and there is no way around it for me to be truly healthy. I even had a medium tell me that I am particulary physical and tactile and absolutely must have physical exercise to stay in balance on all levels of my beingness. I think she was absolutely correct.

Anyone have questions? What do you desire to know about my experience with P90X (aside from general questions on the program that you can read and watch on the P90X website?)

Becoming a stealthy ninja panther (wink),

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