A Life Update

by Courtney on October 16, 2009

I am settling into the common nightly routine of returning to my super cozy house, putting on soft lighting and sometimes delicious smelling candles, making tea and settling in to listen to music, read, or gain inspiration online. The stars are clear and crisp and the air is fresh with fall, being that this area is right in the fullest blossoming of the season.
I must say: These past 3 weeks have been the most intense of my life, and that is a serious understatement. Those kinds of experiences where one feels on the edge of breakdown, one that forces us to surrender into faith because there simply isn’t any other option. The spiritual opportunities are abundant for me at the me right now, and I recognize that is always the opportunity underlying challenging experiences. Between my kicking and screaming and pouty lips about how uncomfortable it can be to ‘wake up,’ I am ultimately, grateful. I feel a new blossoming energy, a lighthearted energy, a boundless joyful energy emerging in my life and my being, and wow, is that welcomed!!

Anyways, thanks everyone for energetic support and laughs – really appreciating lots of humor!


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