A Day of Bliss

by Courtney on November 23, 2009

My Koali was the winner of Arizona’s ‘A Night of Bliss’ contest by the company Coconut Bliss, maker of epic delicious vegan ice cream based on coconut!

We had one of every flavor, and attendees brought toppings, including hemp seeds, chocolate ganache made by Dan Engle, MD, and even local super juicy fresh dates (hello, Sugar, how are you today?). I don’t normally eat so much sugar so I felt it surging through me and it made me feel ungrounded and jittery… but was it delicious? Oui.

Dr. Dan also brought along a bunch of his homemade tea blends for us to sample – quite the alchemist he is! Myself, Dr. Dan and Chris hanging out talking with the teas :)

Until the next glorious gathering,

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