A Recap of an Epic 2009: Part 1

by Courtney on December 31, 2009

2009 was quite a profound year for me, indeed. Here are some of the highlights of my 2009:

  • Had a fantastic Christmas vacation where my family lives in Utah. I made raw food for my omnivorous friends and family, and they loved it!

  • I visited NYC for the first time. I hung out with lots of incredible people, including some you may know of; Dhrumil Purohit, Philip McCluskey, Vanessa Barg, and Anthony Anderson. I attended the HOT Chocolate Holiday Party, a We Like It Raw potluck hosted by Dhrumil, and saw NYC decorated for Christmas! Tried food from raw restaurants such as Pure Food and Wine and Quintessence.

  • Had a great Thanksgiving at Tree of Life. All raw food, over 100 people, and sunny!

  • I finally visited the famous Eden Hot Springs (after 3 years of residence and it only being 2 hours away!), soaked in the springs, witnessed Frank Giglio and Goji Girl’s being wedded by David Wolfe, and ate some of Frank’s food – delish!

  • I hosted an epic Tree of Life Halloween Bash with my soul sistah Koali. Consisted of ridiculous raw food, hours and hours of dancing, and great costumes. I love being a party hostess!
  • I visited Los Angeles to represent the Tree of Life at the Alchemy Festival. I met amazing people, ate at the raw restaurant CRU, and visited the famous Erewhon Market.

  • I delivered my first public presentation on a nutrition related subject at the grand opening of the 105degrees Academy in Oklahoma City. I spoke on reversing health challenges with raw food, emphasizing reversing diabetes, and I adored speaking in front of a crowd! Go figure! I met the incredible Matthew Kenney and Dara Prentice, and also met some other friends for the first time in person, such as Tim van Orden, Ani Phyo, and Penni Shelton. Also hung out with Philip McCluskey, Karen Knowler and Anthony Anderson. Ate incredible food – go Matthew and crew! So grateful for that experience!

Photos by Penni S, Philip M, Koali P, Sean S, Dhrumil P, and moi!

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