Among the Rockies

by Courtney on December 25, 2009

Greetings, Earthlings :)

I am currently on a holiday vacation to visit my family in Park City, Utah. I feel very blessed that it is the town I get to ‘come home’ to, because it’s really picturesque and charming both in its city qualities and its natural beauty.

I ate pretty simply while I was home, the most complicated thing was this below, which is Alissa Cohen’s ‘Mock Salmon Pate’ in kale leaves with chopped avocado. Delicious. My family tried it and liked it too!

My brothers opening some very much not raw vegan chocolate for xmas. They do, however, also love raw vegan chocolate that I have either made or bought for them.

I just had to share this. My whole family, myself included, are HUGE Monty Python fans. If you know Monty Python and the Holy Grail well enough, you’ll understand these two gift labels:

No members of my family are vegan or raw or anything near, although as I said, they do enjoy raw vegan food, and one of my brothers even asked me to get him superfoods for xmas! So, I did! I got him goji berries and ‘Hit the Trail Jack’ trail mix from VivaPura. He loves the trail mix and although hasn’t had goji berries before, is a high performing athlete and so goji’s are a great food for him. My family is in total acceptance and support of my diet and lifestyle, although they do still playfully make fun of me, as demonstrated in the subsequent gift tag from my brother:

My other brother MADE me this gift, and I am still so overjoyed and softened with gratitude by it. He looked up the symbology of the ‘Tree of Life’, which is what the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is named after, and handmade this glass layered piece:

Brother and I taking pictures. Note reindeer in picture behind us ;)

Happy Holidays,

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