Just Pushing through the Soil :)

by Courtney on December 3, 2009

I have felt a bit of shame and fear the few times I have gotten on my blog and ‘confessed’ (yikes) that I didn’t go along with my planned fast or whatever I intended to do. As you can conclude, I haven’t yet started my juice feast in preparation for my liver flush. I will tomorrow, because at this point I have to, as part of the protocol, but I had planned to start earlier for even better results.

Despite that I have done so many days of various kinds of fasting in my life and have lots of experience with it, it is not always easy for me to jump into a fast. I still find letting go of food for a period of time to be uncomfortable. I have done 60 days without any kind of solid food at all, adored the experience, and yet sometimes, such as this week, I just don’t want to start. Sometimes fasting is exciting and easy for me, and other times it feels reminiscient of having to study for an exam in my least favorite subject. I just don’t freaking want to do it, even though I ‘should’.

Reaching the level of consciousness where food is a neutral subject for me and contains no attachment continues. Sometimes I wonder if I should simply not make intentions publicly so I do not have to break them publicly, but I feel that to leave out that process would be pretentious. Thank you for continuing to hold space for me as I become more consistent with what I say I will do, and what I do.

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