New York City – Part 1

by Courtney on December 12, 2009

Greetings to you my dears! I am back among the cacti after a great time in the big apple. Sadly, my camera has met its demise due to green juice spillage, so I have somewhat limited pictures for you.

Wednesday, a week ago, I flew out of Tucson to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake is a perfect layover city for me, because my family lives nearby in Park City, so I spent time with them. Then, I took a red eye to NYC, and despite being sure I would be able to sleep, didn’t sleep at all.

Thursday, my first day in NYC, I hung with my friend Anya, whose apartment I stayed at. Anya and I met in Patagonia in September of 2008; we both had chosen to be participants of the Spirit Dance.
We first went to Union Square Holiday Market. I grew up going to craft fairs and things of the like, and this was the creme de la creme of them. The artisans’ work varied from jewelry, to scarves to clothing, to body products, to children’s toys. We then went to the Jivamukti yoga studio, where we ate and browsed the shop. That night, I also went to Pure Food and Wine for the first time, along with Anya, Dhrumil, and Dhrumil’s friend Nirav. My favorite thing was their mint sundae – oh mah goodness.

Friday, Anya and went to Quintessence and had their bagel – totally awesome, highly recommend. We then toured some more spots, including Organic Avenue and several other health food stores, natural clothing stores and eco gift stores. That evening was a raw meetup hosted by Dhrumil. I got to meet several online friends in person for the first time, including the charming and beautiful Gena of, and Jeff the ‘Rawtographer’. Those I didn’t previously know were also a joy to spend time with.

All in all, my first 2 days were fantastic! At first I felt like I was in a movie, since my only references of NYC in my life have been through them. The air didn’t bother me as badly as L.A. air, so that I was thankful for. I really enjoyed the contrast of NYC to Patagonia.. I had to laugh that the population of Patagonia probably exists in just one chunk of a block of NYC. Hehe..

Part 2 to come..

Last 2 photos by Alex C

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