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by Courtney on December 22, 2009

I did Raw for a while – LOVED it – but lost a ridiculous amount of weight and finally ended up going back to cooked to stop everybody from thinking I was anorexic. Did you ever have problems with too much weight loss when you did it? How do you get enough calories without overdoing the fat? -Mozley

Hi Mozley, your situation is a common one. There are many possibilities for you, which could have to do with anything from not having enough calories, to hyperthyroidism, to poor absorption of nutrients, or a number of other things. The best way to narrow down what’s going on for you is to get testing done so you have solid evidence. I personally don’t have the issue of losing too much weight, but if I were you, I would first and foremost be consuming a lot of green leafy vegetables – even up to a pound or more every day, in the form of smoothies, salads and juices. If I was getting my leafy’s via juice, I’d consume 2 lbs per day. After that, I’d begin to add in more protein, but primarily protein from algaes rather than from substances that also inherently contain fat, such as nuts and seeds. I would choose spirulina and/or chlorella and start with a small amount and work up to a couple tablespoons a day. Beyond that, the fats I would choose first would be ones with the most amount of nutrition in them, such as hemp seeds and chia seeds. You may desire to read the books ‘The Sunfood Diet Success System’ by David Wolfe and ‘Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine’ by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., for more tips on maintaining and gaining weight on raw foods.

Courtney, I have strep throat and do not want to resort to antibiotics if I don’t have to, but I’m in so much pain. Any ideas of what you would do or recommend? I’m having difficulty swallowing. -C.
Hi C., when I feel a bit off balance in any way, including throat and respiratory issues, I first go to medicinal mushrooms: reishi, chaga, cordyceps, astralagus, coriolus, etc. If I were taking them in powder form, I might go for even a few tablespoons each day. I would be downing massive amounts of Vitamin C, either in the form of camu camu powder, or Pure Radiance C by the Synergy Company. Also, I would go for tried and true substances like garlic, lemon, cayenne, and ginger to wipe out infection, bacteria, and other culprits. I would be drinking tons of water and eating as minimal as possible or fasting until I felt better, along with these other things. Rest well and receive lots of hugs :) There really is tons you can do for the immune system, but this is a good start. Feel better soon!

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