A Liver Flush

by Courtney on January 27, 2010

I am on the 4th day of a liver flush I am doing with my two office gals. This is my 2nd liver flush ever, the first I did in the summer of 2008. I got many small liver stones out, as well as one large stone about an inch long.

We are doing the protocol that Chris Whitcoe, Elaina Love and David Rainoshek facilitate. I was speaking with Chris the other day and he said for many people it takes twelve (twelve!!) liver flushes to get all the stones out. The amazing thing to me is that even if we are eating well and not creating any new liver stones, old liver stones created from our old toxic diets simply sit in there until we do liver flushes to get them out.

You may remember I had started a liver flush last month, which was rather poorly planned on my end because I was traveling the day after and realized that wasn’t a good idea to brave airplane turbulence hours after drinking a glass of olive oil.

We are mostly fasting, staying on primarily juice and little or no fat this week, in order to allow our livers to rest. We have been drinking baking soda and apple cider vinegar together throughout this week, which tastes quite nasty, and having fun exaggerating the grossness of the concoction:

Yesterday, with our baking soda and apple cider.
Today, with our morning acv/baking soda breakfast.

Following is a list of all the liver’s functions I took from their website, in case you are questioning the importance of having a healthy, sexy liver:


  • Stores protein
  • Stores glycogen
  • Degrades proteins into energy or into fats
  • Converts ammonia into urea
  • Forms one-half of all the body’s lymph
  • Formulates lipoproteins
  • Synthesizes cholesterol and phospholipids
  • Converts carbohydrates and proteins to fat. Metabolizes protein, carbohydrates, fats
  • Stores Vitamins A, B-12, and D
  • Stores copper and iron
  • Detoxifies body from drugs
  • Neutralizes certain poisons
  • Metabolizes vitamins and minerals
  • Converts galactose and fructose to glucose
  • Helps to maintain alkaline pH of bowel
  • Excretes excess calcium from blood into bile. Removes dying red blood cells from blood
  • Produces bile for digestion and assimilation of fats. Converts L-Cysteine into Glutathione
  • Maintains normal blood glucose levels between meals. Converts the B Vitamins into usable forms
  • Makes Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF)
  • Controls endocrine hormones
  • Regulates blood clotting
  • Converts Vitamin D into usable form
  • Formulates globulins, necessary for the immune system. Plays an essential role in red blood cell production. Makes iron utilization possible
  • Manufactures Vitamin A
  • Stores sugar for future energy
  • Produces important enzymes
  • Supplies glucose to muscles
  • Maintains equilibrium
  • Formulates antibodies
  • Helps to maintain alkaline pH of bowel
  • Produces critical life-saving enzymes
  • Controls saliva pH

I highly recommend the protocol from www.MyLiverCleanse.com if you’re interested. I will keep you updated on how we’re feeling and certainly our results!

With a sexy liver,

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