ChocoDance Party!

by Courtney on February 16, 2010

I am recovering from a crazy fun night that the incredible Parashakti hosted. Parashakti is an incredible woman, one of the women whom I look up most to in the realm of spiritual perseverance and strength and is truly a clear expression of Divine Feminine energy. Women who are open-hearted, full of life, and graceful and yet also increidibly disciplined in their spiritual practices, fiercely committed to their heart’s truth, and warrioress-like in their courage in life, are women I truly respect.

Anyways, last night Parashakti led a slightly more informal version of her Dance of Liberation, and we weren’t blindfolded this time. I don’t know what got into me, but it was the wildest I think I’ve ever danced in my life. I had so much fun and was dripping sweat after an hour, and wanted to continue! I love the music she plays, which is very primal and tribal feeling, with incredible beats and drums. We shared some of our experiences after, and then dug into a ridiculous amount of raw chocolate treats that we all brought.

I didn’t get many pictures of the actual chocolate, but there was two of the plates below, about 40 more chocolates which had trail mix and other crunchy goodies in them, cacao beans from my friend Andy, who owns a cacao farm in Belize, cacao pudding, and a cacao herbal drink with shilajit.

Enjoy the pics!

Below: Aviva, my fellow reservations goddess, and myself.

Below: From left, my friend Chris, Adi, our Supplement Dispensary Manager, and Perry, one of our cafe chefs.

With magnesium satisfaction,


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