Liver Flush Results

by Courtney on February 1, 2010

Here we are, post liver flush! Two friends did it with me, so I’ll share their results too.

I drank my olive oil, which was completely disgusting. I got a slight headache fairly immediately, which continued on the rest of the night (I drank all the oil between 3 and 4pm), but I didn’t feel too nauseous and didn’t feel like I needed to throw up (some people experience that). No stones came out right away, but I did end up getting about a dozen small stones out the next day. They look exactly like the google images show – green, pea sized, for the most part. It was my second liver flush.

One of the women who did it with me had incredible results. She had a harder time with the olive oil. She took it in the late evening and then went to bed, where she didn’t sleep well at all, woke up early at about 4am and released about 15 small pea stones. She felt ‘hungover’ on Saturday, did more enemas and what she estimates to be about 60 stones, mostly small pea size ones, but also one quarter size stone, and a lot of fatty bile substance. It was her second liver flush.

The other woman did not release any stones, but she did release a great deal of old bile and goo from her liver. It was her first flush, and it is common that people don’t get stones out on the first flush, but that’s just fine – obviously, it was massively beneficial for her health to get stagnant, clogging bile out.

We’re going to do another in 4-5 weeks and I will be sure to keep you posted on that too!

With a happy liver,


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