Reversing Diabetes Naturally

by Courtney on February 9, 2010

Hello dear readers! I hope your February is going as wonderfully as mine is.

This month has been busy preparing for our Reversing Diabetes and Transformation programs, which are going on now. I always adore getting to know the people I’ve talked with over the phone for as long as a year before they come, and supporting and observing them go through their transformation is an experience I really cherish. Saturday we had a big meeting with everyone, and Sunday night was an inipi sweat lodge led by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Today I sat in on the morning check in that the Reversing Diabetes participants have with Gabriel. Today is only day 3 of the fast they are doing, we have 5 Type 1 diabetics and 7 Type 2 diabetics. The results so far are amazing. Of our Type 2 diabetics, most have come off their medications and all of their insulin, and many have blood sugars who have dropped under 100, to the 90’s and 80’s. We have had participants whose blood sugar has made as much as a 50 point drop in a day of fasting. We have even had two of our Type 1 diabetics blood sugars drop under 100 already, and all of our Type 1’s have reduced their insulin and had blood sugar drops so far. Such a miracle!

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