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by Courtney on March 19, 2010

In January, I posted on the superfoods which I take in regularly, so now I’m doing a similar post on my current supplements. Supplements for me seem to be changing fairly often, but these ones are regular for me. I also have a section of supplements called titled “Supplements that I should be taking and you should be taking, which are in queue for future consumption, yes you can go ahead and slap my negligent little wrist”, or more simply “Other Beneficial Supplements”.

Regular Supplements:

MSM Powder – MSM was the very first supplement I took when I began eating raw foods in 2005. I have never had any kind of injuries or pain, but I do feel it has been very helpful with my skin and hair health.

Polar Mins – This product is actually simply water from the tip of the south pole! It is super, super full of minerals, so much so that they coagulate around the rim. They feel extremely electrifying and although they taste super strong, feel really great.

Neem Oil – Neem is a tree, and its oil has been widely used in India for thousands of years. It is an amazing antiseptic and is an incredible immune booster. I put in teas and I often brush my teeth with it.

Carvacrol Oil – Carvacrol oil is concentrated oregano essential oil and is wonderful for the immune system. I put it in my teas.

Pure Radiance C – I take either this or Camu Camu powder for their extremely high Vitamin C content. Pure Radiance C also has a huge amount of antioxidants. I usually put Vitamin C in my berry-based smoothies, but sometimes I also put it in teas.

Cayenne Caps – My ayurvedic dosha is predominantly pitta, and so heating herbs often aggravate me, particularly since I live in the desert, which is also hot. However, I know how healthful cayenne is, so I take it in caps. I don’t have to taste it that way :)

E3 Live – I take the frozen liquid version of E3 live and I feel like it really feeds my brain in the most wonderful of ways. I feel stable after taking it and it really reduces sugar cravings! Here’s to happy synapses!

Other Beneficial Supplements:

Nano B12 – I take B12 shots every month, but I always notice that my body begins craving supplemental B12 as soon as I take it.

Zeolites – We live in one gnarly toxic world, and zeolites are your best bet for removing heavy metals, plastics and other nasties from your gorgeous body.

Digestive Enzymes and HCl – Luckily, I have fantastic digestion and an iron stomach and so I don’t usually feel like I’m not digesting, but in truth, digestive enzymes and HCl are helpful for everyone, particularly those past 40 years of age.

That’s all I’m thinking of for now! What do you take regularly? How do you feel different taking them?

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