Random Tidbits of Patagonia Community Awesomeness

by Courtney on April 21, 2010

This last week has been host to some pretty cool gatherings, connections, and happenings. On Friday, I hung out with my good friends Elaina Love and Chris Whitcoe. We had dinner, Chris made an amazingly flavorful yet simple salad, and our lovely Elaina was Juice Feasting, so she made herself a ‘salsa juice’ – essentially the produce that goes in salsa, juiced. Check out her regularly updated Juice Feast blog here.

Saturday evening, I went to a big party I had organized with VivaPura at their warehouse in town, which was to celebrate the community birthdays in April (including mine, which was Saturday) and to welcome Elaina Love and her company to the community. It was a potluck, and people brought amazing dishes, most of which were chocolate related :) Elaina, despite being on a Juice Feast and not tasting her creations, whipped out an incredible raw ‘german chocolate cake’ and raw ‘chocolate peanut butter fudge bars’. There was lots of dancing, laughing, and great conversations.
Speaking of birthdays, today is my friend Sarah’s birthday (one of our TOL staff), and Sarah chose to do something for her birthday that I think is really wonderful and desired to share with you. She chose to do something opposite of what many of us do to celebrate our birthdays (and certainly different than my cacao overflowing birthday celebration on Saturday!): She chose to fast. Why? In Sarah’s words:
Today I’m green juice fasting for peace on my 23rd birthday to promote greater awareness of veganism and global peace. The best birthday present you could offer me and the planet would be to go vegan and love yourself and all beings! Many blessings and perhaps consider lovingly giving yourself green juice rather than… that other something green many people consume on 4.20!

Sunday, Gabriel Cousens gave his monthly live lecture and Q&A, called ‘Alive with Gabriel’. Gabriel lectured on the role of insulin in the body, what insulin resistance is and how it accelerates aging and drastically affects longevity, and how to keep insulin levels within normal range. I’ll be posting much more on this topic soon.

Happy Happy Joy Joy,


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