Eckhart Tolle, Donut Holes and Sunny Beaches

by Courtney on May 4, 2010

This last week I spent in Malibu and Venice, California, where I was attending a filming of Eckhart Tolle TV. I had read The Power of Now and had watched videos of Eckhart speaking, but hadn’t immersed myself in his teachings. Being in his presence this week and tuning into his energy field, I felt how profound his level of consciousness really is. There were many hours of this taping, so I was blessed to absorb a great deal of teachings, but some of my favorites had to do with the subjects of creativity and of the playing out of global unconsciousness.

Both of these teachings I knew before, from my own experience and intuition and also from other spiritual teachers, but it was great to hear them again. Also, sometimes the same thing can be said in a slightly different way and resonate more deeply.

On the subject of creativity, Eckhart explained that being Presence allows us to be a vessel for cosmic creativity, to have creative inspiration come through us. He explained that we are a conduit, an apparatus for the divine to express its creativity. In my own life, I find that this insight is helpful to remove limitations and boxes that I may have if I were to believe that creation comes from me rather than through me. I can make room for the possibility of more profound, abstract, or different creations than I may believe that I could come up with using my mind. It is also a practice in letting go of ego to let go of the sole ownership of such manifestation and instead view it as a co-creation. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love gave a beautiful talk on which had many points relating to this idea of being a vessel. You can view it here.

The other teaching I appreciated being reminded about had to do with the larger play of consciousness. Eckhart explained that when we act unconsciously, or when groups of people, or nations act unconsciously, it is not an indicator of our true nature. Unconsciousness is not the true nature of anyone, and unconscious actions do not define who we are. Rather, the larger play of unconsciousness is playing out through humanity, giving us an opportunity to wake up to the oneness that we all really are. A helpful teaching for releasing judgement of ourselves and others!

I had some wonderful social nourishment while there as well, including the WeLikeitRaw meetup in Sherman Oaks, California, hosted at the home of one of my close friends, Puki Freeberg. Puki and I have been friends since going to college together at Maharishi University of Management. Puki is now a Transcendental Meditation teacher, working closely with the David Lynch Foundation, and currently teaching meditation to young girls between 12 and 17, who have been victims of prostitution. Aside from being a conscious, caring woman, Puki is a wonderful raw food chef and enthusiast. Among our attendees were fellow bloggers Debbie Young and Mike Lieberman, as well as raw dessert chef and Tree of Life MA student Megan McMurray.

Below from left: Anthea, Megan and Deangelo
Below from left: Andre, Esther, and Deangelo

Below: Puki and I

We also visited some of the raw food restaurants in the area, including Planet Raw (FYI, they use honey rather than agave – awesome), Vardo Cafe, one of my favorites, Au Lac. At Au Lac, I discovered my favorite raw food dessert to date: their donut holes. Filled with some kind of incredible jelly sauce, made with a little spirulina, and powdered with what must have been fine coconut powder, warmed up a little before serving, they now hold my #1 spot. Practicing presence by fully immersing myself in eating them (aren’t you proud, Eckhart) obliterated any chance of photographic evidence, but here are some pictures of other dishes we enjoyed of theirs (yes, that ‘bread; is raw!):

The trip also included beautiful scenic views, and a very synchronistic (long story) running-into with Robert Wisdom, actor who plays the character Howard “Bunny” Colvin in the TV series, The Wire, and raw food enthusiast.

Your tasks for tonight: Watch an Eckhart youtube video, and plan your next trip to Fountain Valley, California for Au Lac’s donut holes.

With delight,

Scenic and dessert pics by Kaya P, Au Lac salad and bread pics from their site, pic of Puki and I by Debbie Young.

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